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What Ash’s heeled sneaker couldn’t achieve, Isabel Marant’s high top wedge trainers did! Now every where you go, whether its ZARA, Forever21, TOPSHOP, ALDO etc- they’re all stocking similar versions. I managed to get my special editions ones from ZARA which are almost the same as Isabel Marant except that they’re not! 😛 But hey I don’t have £400+ to spare on those shoes so I have to settle for the next best. If you are intrigued, check out the prices of the Isabel Marant’s high tops on eBAY and your heart may just temporarily stop beating.

To be fair, these shoes aren’t everyones cup of tea so please don’t buy them just to seem “fashionable” because they can also have the opposite affect!

This is how I styled mine:

photo 1

photo 2

High Top Sneakers: ZARA (Buy yours here)

Faux Fur Jacket: French Connection UK

Statement Collar Necklace: ASOS

Red Lippy: NARS matte lip pencil in RED SQUARE (LOVE IT!!)


You can shop similar high top sneakers from ZARA and other high street retailers. If you’ve got extra money to spare then ASH is also doing some funky ones (bottom two).

3775201202_1_1_3 3775201202_2_1_3 3775201202_2_2_3 5700101040_1_1_3Womens-Alex-Wedge-Sneaker-BlackMulti-330001 Womens-Bea-Wedge-Sneaker-MultiTaupe-Suede-312333

Let me know your thoughts and how you’re styling yours if you’ve bought them! xxx

I am loving Zara this season because everything they are coming out with is trendy, stylish and makes you want to buy it!!

So this leather sleeve grey coat is my current favourite- it’s become my wardrobe staple. I’ve been wearing this with pretty much everything I own in my wardrobe or that will go with it.



+ high-res version

I never realised this red puffa jacket I bought from Zara looked similar to Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket until my work mates pointed it out. Couldn’t help breaking out into the zombie dance. Ignoring them trying to rain on my parade, this jacket does keeps me quite warm and I love the gold zip detail. I’ve seen of late, Zara’s quality has gone down for some clothing items but they’re high on the style factor which is why I can’t help shopping there. I’m a sucker for fashion! O EM JEE!

Anyway, winters has officially arrived ladies and gentleman! Trying to cover as much as we can from this chilly weather. It’s so cold that I am tempted to layer as much as I can with only two little slits so my eyes can see but better sense prevails and I have to wear something that makes me feel fabulous in this miserable and cold weather. So, today I wore:

Jacket: Zara

Dress: Zara

Shoes: Limited Ed Converse (the only ones that I own! not a converse girl but I love the silver material and red detail)

Snood: ASOS (To shop a similar snood, click here)

Bag: Dolce & Gabbana

Wool Hat: GAP

+ high-res version


I could feel my fingers turn into tiny icicles while I was walking. Gaah!

SO that’s what inspired this look. Lots of layering yet not compromising on the style. This look has everything I love! Colour, faux fur, leather, quintessential gloves, and a great IT bag. Life’s good! Move aside “winter” and hell-ooo ice queen!

© Miss TikTik


+ high-res version

Some times my days are spent dreaming of how it would be if I lived in NY, the big Apple baby!! But I hear London is the new fashion capital and then I feel a bit smug and think “this is the most exciting time for fashion yet! especially in London”. So the following look I did, is an ode’ to my love for New York and bringing some warmth with these winter colours. I could see someone like Mila Kunis pulling off this look. Till the next one, ciao chicas! xx

© Miss TikTik

+ high-res version

I can’t always talk about myself on this blog (as much as I’d love to!) and I am blessed to have friends who are fashionable and know how to dress. I thought I’d deviate my regular coverage of women’s fashion and include the opposite sex in all the fun! I looked at my friend, Andrew Heggie, today and said “Hello Mister! You’re not going any where before I photograph you!!” So rather than put a spotlight on myself, I thought there was someone else who deserved it more and I always appreciate a man who can dress…even though I’m not his type! 😦 Boo!!

So I loved the way Andrew pulled this whole look with his All Saints Jacket (LOVE the collar) and a hint of grey scarf around his neck tucked nicely under the collar. He paired that with a “man-bag” that had a quirky motif of a rooster (“Le Coq Sportif”) and those lovely leather loafers. He pulled the whole look effortlessly! Guys, please take note. xx

+ high-res version

Even though I’ve been living in London for a while now, I still cannot get used to the winter season here. Although this year has not been as crazy cold as last year, it is STILL FREEZING!! 😦  And so in chilly days like these, do I love covering up! I personally love winter fashion because you have amazing knitwear, warm coats to choose from, the softest cashmere sweaters and accessories to cover up in, like this faux fur snood I bought from ASOS that is featured in this post of mine. It is the best £20 I ever spent and the fact that this faux fur snood goes with everything I wear is simply brilliant. Military style coats were very much “in” this winter season, a trend brought on by the likes of Burberry and Balmain. I, however, got this coat from French Connection. I’ve had it for more than a year now but it has maintained its quality and still looks like new. No wonder I’m grinning ear to ear!

ASOS and French Connection still have winter sales (up to 70% off) going on so if you want to add something to your wardrobes, now is the time. I bought this coat a year ago and it’s still wearable so find your classic piece now!

To shop the ASOS sale including accessories like snoods, click here.

To shop the French Connection sale, click here.

© Miss TikTik

My look:

Coat: French Connection

Shoes: H by Hudson

Faux Fur Snood: ASOS

Hat: Accessorize