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Love my blingin’ owl ring I got from Irregular Choice and this surprisingly cool Zara bangle. Surprisingly because I don’t normally buy these things from Zara and lately they’ve been doing really well in that department. How did you accessorise your look today? Would love to see! 😀 xxxx

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Anyone who follows my blog knows I hardly do any posts on other people. You must think, God! she must love herself too much. Where it is true I do love myself 😛 (I JOKE!!) I never wanted my blog to become one of those run of the mill street style blogs. Yet I find myself admiring quite a few girls who dress so well yet seems like they hardly put any thought into it yet managed to totally rock out in their outfit!

One such girl who has hit my radar is Vicki (I hope I spelt your name right!!) Every time I see her, she looks amazing. She mixes different styles. Case in point, the photo I have attached of her outfit. From her choice of trousers (TOPSHOP), to her studded collar top, the denim shirt with the embroidered detail and the vintage brogues- this is what uber cool and hipster is all about people! She mixes all these individual pieces so well that they form a synergy rather than stick out like a sore thumb! Show some love for my friend here! 😀 xxxx


Today was a day of chilling and strolling through the streets of London. Hey you know the London summer I kept on dreaming about all these months?? Well what do you know! Its finally here, if only for a week!! But hey! Better live it up.

Decided to keep it cool with a pair of Zara print trousers, pinned a flower to a plain T shirt to jazz it up and accessorised with my Prada sunnies, a beaded necklace and D&G bag for the KAPOW affect!! 😉 aaah! I got burnt! I think it will last me till whenever the next time Mr Sun will grace us. Xx


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Loving my Vivienne Westwood boots I managed to grab from the crazy Selfridges’ Summer sale! I fell in love with these boots when they first came out in black. But I prefer their tan version. It was love at first sight and fate finally united us!! I believe there is a God!! 😀 xx

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With Summer playing peek-a-boo and rain constantly showing its wrath on London, I have been feeling printed dresses and stockings lately. I like the concept of wearing bright stockings off setting a printed dress. Fuss free, stylish, versatile and simple. Share yours xx

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Wearing sneakers always brings out the rapper in me…although you wouldn’t want to hear me rap…or sing. Inspired from my Casual Sneak Chic post yesterday, I decided to wear my Diesel high-top sneakers. I love them with the silk insert and the stud detail at the base of the shoes. A very chic pair!



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The moment I looked at this red silk skirt at H&M in their Selfridges section, I knew I had to buy it. For some reason H&M’s collection in Selfridges always looks a notch above the one they sell in their regular high street stores. I don’t know if it’s my mind playing tricks just because H&M is in Selfridges or it is actually the case, nonetheless I am not complaining!

So this skirt was a bargain on sale- £15! The feel of the material is thick and luxurious with attention to detail in the pockets and the design so you cannot complain about the price. I paired it with a regular black cotton top I had and paired it with my worn-to-death peter pan collar necklace that I also bought from H&M. It instantly lifted the outfit and made it glam! I finished the look with my Vanika Kurt Geiger Boots.

One thing you should know about me, I am a “recessionista”! :p I like to wear same items in different ways so they can pass off as a “new” outfit.

Quick synopsis of the outfit:

Skirt: H&M £15

Top: Uni Qlo £10

Boots: Vanika by Kurt Geiger



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The title of this post is not a deliberate jibe at the weather in London right now. Blue just happens to be one of my favourite colours and I have not worn it enough recently.

On my recent shopping trip, I went to COS. Truth be told, not a regular store I shop at but this time around I fell in love with some of their clothes, including the one in this post. What I love about their designs is the understated style and emphasis on the cut, silhouette and their attention to detail for instance the gold zip detail on the dress in this post.

The dress I am wearing looks very simple from the front which is why I accessorised it with a peter pan collar necklace I bought from H&M. But the back of this dress is what I fell in love with. The full length gold zip makes the dress look really sexy from the back. I wore my Kurt Geiger Vanika boots to finish off the whole look and the zips match! 😛 All in all a very classy and polished look.

Quick synopsis of the outfit:

Dress: COS, on sale for £30

Necklace: H&M for £7.99

Boots: Vanika by Kurt Geiger for £75 on sale. (Got the last pair from Harrods!!)

Enjoy! xx