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Since it’s the Jubilee Weekend, I decided to add a bit of festivity in my outfit in this navy blue Zara dress. I wore my printed River Island blazer, Vivienne Westwood wellies to protect my feet from the rain and a Principles faux fur stole to keep myself warm in this chilly and rainy (MISERABLE!!) weather.

Happy Jubilee Queen!!!

So what did you wear this weekend?! Do share! xx

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We all like to be prepared when it comes to different seasons during the year. For London, there are mainly two seasons. Cold and rainy or Hot and rainy. What’s common between the two? RAIN!! One thing we cannot ever get used to is the amount it rains here. After ruining my much loved footwear to water damage, I thought it was high time to invest in a good pair of wellington boots– or “wellies” as we love to call them.

I couldn’t just wear any wellies. They had to be stylish and they had to stand out! So I started shopping around. My first love was Vivienne Westwood for Melissa wellington boots. The very first ones I remember had cute bows on them in different colours but at that time I did not think much of buying anything for rain as I was like “Pooh! I’ll survive rain!” But oh boy! Was I wrong! It took losing several lovely pairs to the blasted rain before I decided to buy a pair.

I looked around for these but either never found them in the colour I wanted or my size. But after much searching, I did find the ones by Vivienne Westwood and they were the Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Studded Bootie 111 from Selfridges for a cool £98 and they are SO WORTH IT!! I have been complimented left, right and centre for them.

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Studded Bootie III Now £58.50 on ASOS

At the moment they are on sale on ASOS, so click here to get yours now! 

But during my search, what I did find was how some brands were dedicated to this “genre” of shoes: The Rain Boots!

One designer brand that I find is completely dedicated to these shoes is Burberry. Every season they keep on adding to their already extensive range of rain boots. From Equestrian style to buckled up- they have a design for everyone. Obviously when you’re talking about Burberry, the price is not going to be cheap. They start from £135 onwards but what I have found with their designs is that they’re very versatile, they blend in and you can carry them off with ease. They’re not like Hunter wellies that stand out like a dog in a herd of sheep! I’ve worn my Vivienna Westwood’s to work soooo many times and they look cool! My top favourites for this season are:



BACK ZIP RAINBOOTS £225 (comes in 3 different colours)

Not to be left behind is GUCCI. I have one and only one favourite design from there and I was after them for a while. They were available on the online store but had not arrived in store, and whilst I was waiting for them I found the Vivienne Westwood’s and fell in love with them instead!  GUCCI came out with the “storm” flat boot with signature web detail that I instantly fell in love with the moment I saw them! Had they been available in store I would have bought them straight away. Priced at £180, you would not expect anything less from GUCCI and to be honest the price is reasonable for the design, quality, brand name and the amount of times you’ll get to wear these shoes especially if you live in a wet city like London. Red is definitely my favourite in this design:

“storm” flat boot with signature web detail £180 (Available in 3 colours)

To shop or view the Gucci pair, please click here.

And if you’re feeling extremely extravagant and want to splurge and are a regular at music festivals, then Valentino has a stunning pair for you!

VALENTINO Studded rubber knee boots £435

VALENTINO Studded rubber knee boots £435

As is obvious, at £435, they do not come cheap but I love the studded detail and the way the strap is buckled along the sides as well as the buckle detail around the shin. I personally would not spend that much on “rain boots”, but if you’ve fallen in love with them and money is no object, then click here.

But if you’re a bargain hunter like I am, then I found these amazing pair of wellies by MEL, that look similar to Vivienne Westwood’s range.

Mel Rubber Boots £37.99

If I did not know who designed them, I would’ve assumed they were by Vivienne Westwood. And guess how much they cost?! £37.99 ONLY! Bargain! New Look is selling them at the moment. They come in three different colours. To buy yours, click here.

And if you’re looking for even more selection of rain boots, then Net-a-Porter (love this site!!!) has a dedicated section just for these. To view that, please click here.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feedback welcome! Till the next post, laters yeah! (my take on the east-end accent; don’t hate :P)