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With Summer playing peek-a-boo and rain constantly showing its wrath on London, I have been feeling printed dresses and stockings lately. I like the concept of wearing bright stockings off setting a printed dress. Fuss free, stylish, versatile and simple. Share yours xx

So everyday I decide I need to update my website because it’s been TOO LONG and the fact I’ve been buying some amazing stuff while I’ve been here in Pakistan and have not been able to share it at all!!

What with running after tailors, last minute shopping, requests I get from my friends in London and maintaining a fine balance between giving full attention to my friends and family- it’s bloody hard!!

Anyway I thought I would share this gorgeous top or “kurta” as we call it in Pakistan. It is made of the softest cotton that will ensure I don’t die in the London heat. What I love is the attention to detail given to this top- notice the embroidery at the back, the cut and embroidery near the left knee cap, the green shoulder patch and the bright orange colour!! It is LOVE!

I find a lot of people underestimate the fashion scene of Pakistan but there is clearly no need. With Fashion Week in Pakistan just wrapped up a couple of weeks back, the pictures from the show were mind blowing. I will definitely be sharing those real soon. Till then enjoy this post. Much love xx






I can almost feel the heat now. Well, I am feeling it because I am in Pakistan and the sun is at it’s glory nowadays. Summer is here!! YEEEESSS!! I won’t be celebrating for long though once it becomes a hot and sticky mess! I don’t look forward to traveling in the “tube” once I come back to London from Pakistan. A word of advice: Please keep a £1 deodorant in your bag. It is God sent!

What I am ABSOLUTELY loving this summer is lots and LOTS of colours. Colourful jeans, tops, blazers- juxtaposed on top of each other and some how it works. I love the printed floral trousers that have come out this SS 2012. They go really well with plain tops, colourful belts to accessorise and pastel coloured shoes. I. CANNOT.WAIT!!!!

Anyway, I caught the new mommy Beyonce’ working this trend and she looks smashing. But of course dah-ling!

Take inspiration from her and put some passion in your pants this Summer! 😉

Check out Zara! They’re spot on with this trend.

Till the next one xxx

courtesy Net-A-Porter

I have not updated my blog for 2 weeks or so and it was eating me as if I’d cheated on a best friend!! So here I am quickly tapping on my iPhone hoping the load-shedding won’t happen in the next 10-15 minutes. For all of those who do not know what load-shedding is- the practice of cutting off electricity in Pakistan for an hour or hours on end (mostly) while the corrupt politicians waddle away the country’s resources. This is a discussion for another time.

Anyway! Clothes in Pakistan are all about flamboyance, flare, colour and prints. With summers literally around the corner, every textile mill owner and designer is collaborating to churn out designer lawn after designer lawn. The thought of “aunties” salivating and running crazily towards these exhibitions just gives me the creeps. Hence this is one thing I intend to stay away from while on my time off here.

I love this dress mom got me from this local boutique that does ready to wear ensembles. You can pair it with tights, jeans or even the traditional “chooridaar” pyjama. I love wearing such flowing, flared and summery prints. I like the detail on the neck and at the back. The prints are similar to what the current fashion weeks were all about- lots of colour, prints and patterns.

Love this fuss free look!

For more information in regards to the clothes, you can always contact me. Till the next one xx


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A woman who’s style I really love and admire is Kate Beckinsale. She carries herself so well and I’ve hardly ever seen her in a fashion disaster. She’s such a babe and looks amazing in whatever she wears. Check her out wearing this on-trend one shoulder jumpsuit and I love this deep fuchsia colour! She accessorised it with just the right amount of accessories and minimal make up. I think I should give credit to her stylist as well who probably went through several outfit changes before deciding on this winner. A job well done! Definitely brightened up the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards.


I was just going to end this post with her looking super hot but then decided why not do a whole feature focussing on jumpsuits?! If you’re looking to copy her style this summer, then I’ve got a selection for you. You don’t need to go crazy on the printed jumpsuits, a solid colour looks just fine as it’s like a blank canvas and you can play around with chunky jewellery, accessories and shoes! O the shoes…


This one comes in 3 different colours. Hurry up and get your hands on this jumpsuit as it’s selling out fast! I love the ruffle detail and the back has a criss cross design plus the silky material gives it a very ethereal look. Click hereto get yours.


A short jumpsuit but a very cute number. If you’re petite (like moi!) and always have to go through a million shops before you find the right size or haggle someone to alter yours, then this short version is the perfect one for you. The canary yellow colour, the net sleeves and the bow (its HUGE but does not look out of place) make it a very key part of your summer wardrobe. Imagine wearing it with some flip flops, a straw hat, peppermint nails and some frappes. O how lovely dah-ling! 😛 I can ramble on but hey! if you want to buy this jumpsuit, then click here.


This red jumpsuits looks slightly more formal than the rest. The cut is very straight and structured. It would suit someone who’s going for a very sharp and less fussy look. Unlike the frills or bows, this one has a one-shoulder detail and that is all it would need. All it needs is a chunky necklace, a cocktail ring, and a clutch to finish the look. You can either play around with the red and black combo or be a bit more daring and add some multicoloured accessories to the look. It comes in two colours, choose yours here.


I really love this slinky jumpsuit by Halston Heritage. It is a great and effortless look for a night out. Fuss free and manageable. The Berry colour is just right too. To shop yours, click here. With these monotone solid colours, you can bring out the attire with your choice of accessories. I love sites like ASOS and Net-A-Porter that have everything in one place nicely categorised so you can easily choose and match your outfit. With jumpsuits like these, you need some chunky bracelets that stand out and you don’t need to pile them on like there’s no tomorrow. One or two would do.

taken from

To shop these and more bracelets/cuffs, click here.

And you can always pair a trusty set of heels when you go out and play. Take inspiration from this colourful bunch!

shoe collection from

So ladies, you don’t need any more inspiration. A word of advice: Jumpsuits can be very flattering and Unflattering at the same time so make sure the one you choose fits you well and does not cling on to all the wrong places. If it’s not for you then don’t wear or buy it! Some trends are better left alone.

Till the next time, Ta! xx

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I love buying clothes and accessories that I can wear over and over again without getting bored and that I can mix and match with other items from my wardrobe as I go along the year. My recent shopping spree has been quite productive. If you read one of my previous posts about Zara (refresh your memory by clicking here) I was in love with their floral blazer. Since seeing it in store, I was dreaming of it 24/7 and could not help but buy it! YES! I bought it! It is such an amazing piece; I am already excited about Spring/Summer.

I am such a Zara fiend that I do most of my shopping from there. And I will contradict myself by saying some of their stuff is really low quality which pains me but some is totally worth it! I also bought a white pair of trousers with a sheen finish and an ankle zip detail- love the mid rise skinny fit (£40.00). And then there was their sale stuff still in store- tops as low as £3!! Even though sales are pretty much done and over with you can still find some really good bargains if you’re the patient one.

The green snake skin high heels are so chic and the textured print is lovely that is perfect for the coming season. It is very versatile and can easily be worn with colourful pieces as well as stand out in an all black outfit. The yellow top is again from Zara that I got on sale LAST year and with a colourful summer ahead of us- STILL very much wearable (And I got it on a sale too for under £10!!).

Patterned and floral prints have made a comeback in a big way thanks to big wigs like Versace, Oscar De La Renta, Prada and they’re being incorporated in blazers, tops and trousers by high street brands. The abstract floral print blazer I got from River Island has seen me through a whole year and it’s still as wearable as ever. I love clothes that last you through thick and thin like a trusty friend! 😉 haha

And so I decided to do a shoot combining some old and new pieces- more of a capsule look I would say. Keeping the accessories same, I have changed the blazer and top. Voila! you’ve got two outfits! This is just an inspiration for you to play around with pieces you already own and some you could add to your collection. I could play around with more and more looks by adding a couple more pieces but then I’ll just get carried away and never stop! 😉 Till the next one, enjoy the following photos!  xxx

Synopsis of the looks:

Yellow Top: Zara

Purple Top: Zara

Heels: Zara

Floral Blazar with an undertone of black and purple: Zara

Floral Blazer with an undertone of off white: River Island

White trousers: Zara

Bag: TK Maxx


This title is a homage to the recent spew of videos under the umbrella title of “Sh*t Girls Say” and a recent addition to this is “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click on the following links- it’s a 2 part video:

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say Part One

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say Part Two 

These videos are soooo hilarious! Like O MY GOD hilarious! (I so don’t talk this way!!!)


I decided it was time I started sharing my recent purchases with you guys. Since I spend most of my time (and money) on shopping AND eating, I thought why not. Being a bargain junkie, my shopping is a mixture of pricey as well as not so pricey items.

Since I am about to embark on a longish holiday, I am currently in a holiday shopping mode. Now who has NOT heard of TK Maxx?! Please don’t say you haven’t! Being a bargain junkie that I am, I’m in love with this place. You have the likes of Michael Kors, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Versace, Alberta Ferretti and the list goes on- gracing the rails of this store. Sometimes, I feel almost cheated on paying full price for things and realise what is their real value when you can easily find them in stores like TK Maxx?! Not that I’m complaining!! In fact, bring it all here!

So today I had embarked on finding myself a pair of silver high heels for my brother’s upcoming wedding and instead I found myself hogging the rails of TK Maxx. Soon enough I found myself holding a purse and my! what a gorgeous purse. Very elegant and understated- in a royal purple colour with an inner finish of fuchsia. It’s primarily for travelling so you can hold your passport, tickets and other travelling documents in one place. How many times have you found yourself at the airport counter rummaging through your bag trying to find your ticket or the boarding pass or your passport?!……Ok, just me then! 😛 Under a tenner, this baby is going to be my best travelling accessory! It is by this designer called Anna Di Angelo. I haven’t heard about this designer but it’s a start.

The next accessory I bought was a silk scarf from Zara. I think I am unconsciously buying everything that has purple or fuchsia or pink in it. I think my body is trying to get ready for Spring! aah! Can’t wait!! But yea, again under a tenner, could not resist taking a few shots with the purse juxtaposed on top of the scarf.

And then there were the shoes! I am a crazy shoe addict. Some people call me the caterpillar- I have stupendous amount of shoes! I shall do a post soon about my collection of shoes. They’re divided into different categories; My Going-Out Shoes, Everyday Shoes, Wedding Shoes, Sporty Shoes, Semi-Formal Shoes, Unisex Shoes……You get the idea right? As I am in the holiday mode right now, I bought myself two pairs of shoes because I may need them for a party or a wedding- who knows. Both of these I got from Dune for around £50 and I was very pleased with myself.

The Beige peep toe pair is very minimal yet versatile. It is very Spring Summer 2012 and will sit well with all the bright colours I wear. The heel is high enough to not be uncomfortable after a while. I love this pair and for under £20, I’m quite pleased.

couldn’t resist! And I love the combo!!

The other pair of shoe is just so beautiful, classy and chic with the right amount of femininity to it. The diamantes, the silk satin finish, the pointed front, the cut out design from the sides finished off with a pretty bow at the back- these shoes just did it for me. And in black, they’re a killer pair of heels! I cannot wait to wear this sexy pair out!


Alright, this sums up my recent buys! Hope you enjoyed these. I will be sharing my shopping more regularly now. Just saw the time- gotta go and sleep! Catch you guys later. As always, do write in, give your feedback and share!

Stay fashionable! xx

+ high-res version

The look I am loving so far. Will definitely be playing around with it. Zara you make me come back for more!!

The floral blazer and the pleated skirt are versatile and go with a number of looks. I’m thinking white trousers, pink skinnies, white tank tops and the works with loads of chunky jewellery to accessorise! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one!


+ high-res version

Shivering my way through this ruthless cold and snow makes me wish I was standing underneath the scorching sun. But come summer time, I’d be wishing the opposite. With designers and high street brands enticing us towards their Spring Summer 2012 collections, there is plenty to choose from the sales before forking out for the full priced stuff. I can be such a “cheapster” sometimes but I just love a good bargain AND even more when I’m getting something that will see me through the whole year and beyond!

So if you are one of those women who thinks ahead and is gearing up for Summers then I have found some bargains that you would love!

Pastels, bright palettes and nudes are the rhythm of SS2012. I think colour should be part of your wardrobe throughout the year! Especially in a cold and miserable weather like right now!

Anyway enough whining about the weather and back to what I have in store for you today.

So, I have picked out random pieces from different high street brands that would fit well in your wardrobe and that are quite versatile and interchangeable with other pieces from your wardrobe.

Crossover Dress by COS

Long White Shirt by COS

Dillan Tan Leather and Elastic Belt by REISS

Nessa Pink Ruched Maxi Dress by REISS

Francesca Green Bandeau Jersey Dress by REISS

ASOS PREMIUM Gold Pyrite Cuff

Ashiana Gold Plated Drop Earrings With Semi Precious Stones £18

The Ring Boutique Disco Ball Ring £18

The Ring Boutique Disco Ball Ring £18

Powersurge by Nine West. Now on Sale @ Kurt Geiger

Powersurge by Nine West. Now on sale!

Flax by Nine West. Love the colour! Now on sale!

Rocha by Nine West. Sale item!!

In this post, I have gathered items from different brands and that’s to show you, you can play around with colours and brands. You don’t have to wear everything from one designer. There should be some variety, which is what I like in my wardrobe. All these items are on sale right now so save some money and buy one of these fabulous items!

For jewellery from the ASOS website, click on the items below to be redirected:

The Ring Boutique Disco Ball Ring

Ashiana Gold Plated Drop Earrings With Semi Precious Stones

ASOS PREMIUM Gold Pyrite Cuff

For shoes from the Kurt Geiger website that hosts designers like Nine West, Nicole Farhi, Carvela, KG by Kurt Geiger, Miss KG etc, click on the links below:

Powersurge Nine West

ROCHA by Nine West

Flax by Nine West

For items by REISS, please click on the links below:

Nessa Ruched Maxi Dress in Pink

Francesca Bandeau Jersey Dress in Green

Dillan Leather and Elastic Belt in Tan

To shop clothing by COS:

Crossover Draped Dress 

Long Shirt in White 

Hope you enjoyed this post. I realise I have not been as regular but there are only enough hours in a day to do everything! Till the next post my lovelies, stay fashionable!! xx