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Shivering my way through this ruthless cold and snow makes me wish I was standing underneath the scorching sun. But come summer time, I’d be wishing the opposite. With designers and high street brands enticing us towards their Spring Summer 2012 collections, there is plenty to choose from the sales before forking out for the full priced stuff. I can be such a “cheapster” sometimes but I just love a good bargain AND even more when I’m getting something that will see me through the whole year and beyond!

So if you are one of those women who thinks ahead and is gearing up for Summers then I have found some bargains that you would love!

Pastels, bright palettes and nudes are the rhythm of SS2012. I think colour should be part of your wardrobe throughout the year! Especially in a cold and miserable weather like right now!

Anyway enough whining about the weather and back to what I have in store for you today.

So, I have picked out random pieces from different high street brands that would fit well in your wardrobe and that are quite versatile and interchangeable with other pieces from your wardrobe.

Crossover Dress by COS

Long White Shirt by COS

Dillan Tan Leather and Elastic Belt by REISS

Nessa Pink Ruched Maxi Dress by REISS

Francesca Green Bandeau Jersey Dress by REISS

ASOS PREMIUM Gold Pyrite Cuff

Ashiana Gold Plated Drop Earrings With Semi Precious Stones £18

The Ring Boutique Disco Ball Ring £18

The Ring Boutique Disco Ball Ring £18

Powersurge by Nine West. Now on Sale @ Kurt Geiger

Powersurge by Nine West. Now on sale!

Flax by Nine West. Love the colour! Now on sale!

Rocha by Nine West. Sale item!!

In this post, I have gathered items from different brands and that’s to show you, you can play around with colours and brands. You don’t have to wear everything from one designer. There should be some variety, which is what I like in my wardrobe. All these items are on sale right now so save some money and buy one of these fabulous items!

For jewellery from the ASOS website, click on the items below to be redirected:

The Ring Boutique Disco Ball Ring

Ashiana Gold Plated Drop Earrings With Semi Precious Stones

ASOS PREMIUM Gold Pyrite Cuff

For shoes from the Kurt Geiger website that hosts designers like Nine West, Nicole Farhi, Carvela, KG by Kurt Geiger, Miss KG etc, click on the links below:

Powersurge Nine West

ROCHA by Nine West

Flax by Nine West

For items by REISS, please click on the links below:

Nessa Ruched Maxi Dress in Pink

Francesca Bandeau Jersey Dress in Green

Dillan Leather and Elastic Belt in Tan

To shop clothing by COS:

Crossover Draped Dress 

Long Shirt in White 

Hope you enjoyed this post. I realise I have not been as regular but there are only enough hours in a day to do everything! Till the next post my lovelies, stay fashionable!! xx

I’m a fan of finding good bargains and buying items that will go through to the next season so before I officially leave the sales and winter fashion behind, I plan on doing a series of posts (like I did on Kurt Geiger, click here) that will highlight the bargains you can get before the sales end or even a look you can accomplish for the coming SS 2012 through the current sales.

So my first choice for a style edit is TOPSHOP. I browsed the website and their sale items and I’ve put together a look that is as colourful as SS 2012 and incorporates all the right trends! From lots of colour to print, from shimmer to studs- it’s all there and on a SALE price!


Pair this sparkly cape with a printed top like the one below making sure the collar goes over the cape:



Colour is the order of the day and the season so why not brighten up someone’s day with this Waterfall skirt by TOPSHOP?




No look is complete without statement shoes? And what better way to make to statement other than with these shoes?


Not to forget the bag!


Sizes are limited and they’re all running out fast considering sales are coming to an end so click on the links below to shop these items before they go!! Quick!!






 I hope this inspires to go and attack those sales racks (I know it can be tiresome!!) because when you find something really amazing, all that ploughing through is worth it!!
Till the next post, stay fashionable! xx
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And I am back for my Weekly Spotlight post that I update every Sunday. I am a shoe addict. I buy shoes (read heels) I fall in love with but never wear them because they’re too beautiful and they’re not really made for walking! Before we start talking about the SS2012 collection, I feel there are so many offers to make use of before they end. Kurt Geiger is my favourite brand to shop at when it comes to stylish heels and one-of-a-kind shoe designs although they’re not always the most comfortable. But then you have to suffer for fashion sometimes!  I look forward to Kurt Geiger’s new collection every season and even more, their sales (HEAVEN!)

I featured their Dolly shoes in my post a couple of days back (click here to view) and they’ve gone down even more in price! £35 from £120!! I’m a bit annoyed because I paid £59 but oh well! I love my Dolly heels and they were worth the price! Most of the shoes on sale are on-trend for SS2012 so you don’t have to spend on the new collection to get the spring/summer look. They have an amazing collection and their sale items are practically a bargain!

So ladies! Before you start looking at the new collections, have a look at the sale items. There are still some amazing deals to be grabbed before they run out!

Remember: Fashion is not always about buying the latest and the most expensive stuff. In today’s financial climate it is about being sensible and buying stuff that is versatile and wearable over and over again. Some of their designs channel Christian Louboutin like the Almond number by KG and the Sophia is very Alexander McQueen. The best thing about KG is that they have shoes by Carvela, Nine West, Nicole Farhi, Lipsy et al on their website. You can also go to their retail stores in Bond Street, Selfridges, Regent Street etc. and bag yourself a bargain. Their Vanika boots have been featured in a number of my posts and I absolutely love them!

SO have a browse through some of my favourites and a few that will come in handy for the summers! For all Kurt Geiger shoes on sale, click here.

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Red © Miss TikTik


The moment I looked at this red silk skirt at H&M in their Selfridges section, I knew I had to buy it. For some reason H&M’s collection in Selfridges always looks a notch above the one they sell in their regular high street stores. I don’t know if it’s my mind playing tricks just because H&M is in Selfridges or it is actually the case, nonetheless I am not complaining!

So this skirt was a bargain on sale- £15! The feel of the material is thick and luxurious with attention to detail in the pockets and the design so you cannot complain about the price. I paired it with a regular black cotton top I had and paired it with my worn-to-death peter pan collar necklace that I also bought from H&M. It instantly lifted the outfit and made it glam! I finished the look with my Vanika Kurt Geiger Boots.

One thing you should know about me, I am a “recessionista”! :p I like to wear same items in different ways so they can pass off as a “new” outfit.

Quick synopsis of the outfit:

Skirt: H&M £15

Top: Uni Qlo £10

Boots: Vanika by Kurt Geiger



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The title of this post is not a deliberate jibe at the weather in London right now. Blue just happens to be one of my favourite colours and I have not worn it enough recently.

On my recent shopping trip, I went to COS. Truth be told, not a regular store I shop at but this time around I fell in love with some of their clothes, including the one in this post. What I love about their designs is the understated style and emphasis on the cut, silhouette and their attention to detail for instance the gold zip detail on the dress in this post.

The dress I am wearing looks very simple from the front which is why I accessorised it with a peter pan collar necklace I bought from H&M. But the back of this dress is what I fell in love with. The full length gold zip makes the dress look really sexy from the back. I wore my Kurt Geiger Vanika boots to finish off the whole look and the zips match! 😛 All in all a very classy and polished look.

Quick synopsis of the outfit:

Dress: COS, on sale for £30

Necklace: H&M for £7.99

Boots: Vanika by Kurt Geiger for £75 on sale. (Got the last pair from Harrods!!)

Enjoy! xx

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Shoe shopping @ Kurt Geiger


So I went shoe shopping at Kurt Geiger recently and could not decide which pair to buy. The peach one was sparkly with a silk bow on top where as the black one was to-die-for in its own right with shiny diamantes and the same bow design.

I was so tempted to shut out the sensible voice in my head, distract myself with a rendition of la-la-la-la-la and use my credit card till I ran out of the store with the gorgeous pair of shoes. BUT!! Yes, there is a but. KG has a no refund policy on sale items which meant when better sense prevailed, I could not come back for a refund. And I could not justify buying two pairs of the same design. You can if you’re buying Louboutins!

And so my head intervened and told me to buy the pair I needed the most. I ended up buying the peach one and it is sitting nicely in my closet as I type.

Farewell my black beauty.


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And so I inaugurate my first post with this photo set. It’s winter, it’s cold, it’s drab and it’s gloomy. But my clothes don’t have to be! I got this faux fur jumper from ASOS and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!! It is so versatile. I can wear it with my jeans, my corduroy pants I got from Uni Qlo or even on top of a dress.

What I am wearing in this picture:

Knitwear: Faux Fur Jumper by ASOS

Trousers: Uni Qlo corduroys in maroon

Shoes: Vanika boots by Kurt Geiger

Nail Colour: Peppermint by Rimmel

Jewellery: Got it on sale from House of Fraser= BARGAIN!!