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One new product on my “To Try” list is this Estee Lauder Even Skintone Illuminator. Although, people tell me I’ve got clear skin, I’m not very good at taking care of it. I get lazy and careless. Like any other girl, I have uneven skin tone so from the sounds of it, this product is perfect for me. Priced at £46 for 30 ml and £62 for 50 ml, it is not the cheapest beauty product around but I do swear by Estee Lauder products, they stand the test of time and are high quality products. On enquiring about the product from the beauty counter of Estee Lauder at John Lewis, the lady told me it is a serum that illuminates your skin and you can wear it under your regular moisturiser. It  is similar to Strobe cream by MAC that I buy loads of. So definitely want to see what’s the difference between the two.

You can get your hands on it from any leading department store like Selfridges, House of Fraser, John Lewis and Debenhams etc. If anyone reading this has tried this product then I would like to hear from you! Email me.

For more information on the product, click here.

Till the next one xx

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Since it’s getting so cold in London (well FINALLY! still no sign of snow though 😦 ) my new love is layering. And lots of layering. In this particular post, I layered a £3 Forever21 top (got it in 2 for 1 sale!!) on top of a £10 H&M dress and paired that with a statement necklace I got on sale from House of Fraser, my faux leather tights (from ASOS) and Zara ankle boots.


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The faux leather tights give the whole outfit a really nice and glossy finish. So this winter, layer it up!! Coz you’ll be be taking those layers off in the Summer.

Toodles loves! xx

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I like to window shop sometimes and browse through the merchandise before I actually go ahead with making a purchase. It’s like a methodical process. You browse, scan, filter and choose. In one of these zombie phases of mine, I find some amazing finds that you will love.

So, here goes the random selection and why I love these products:

1. Rimmel Nail Polish:

Peppermint 500

This colour looks amazing! And I predict similar colours will be big this SS 2012. Although, looking at it you would think who would wear such a colour? But when you do, you realise it actually does look really chic. Rimmel does not sell this colour any more on their website, but try BOOTS or big department stores like House of Fraser and Selfridges otherwise if you like to shop online then click here to buy.

2. MAC Strobe Cream:

I swear by this MAC product. It is very rich and smooth. It does not make your skin oily, instead it leaves it soft and glowing. I use it religiously on a daily basis. A small amount of this cream goes a long way. You can buy it from any store that stocks MAC products or you can buy it from MAC Cosmetics online by clicking here.

3. YSL Touche’ Eclat:

I remember when YSL first came out with this product, I was looking for a concealer that would not only conceal the dark areas on my skin but also give it a natural glow. I saw the ad for this product and thought “Hey I’ll give it a go”. I went to the store next day and bought it. That was 2 years ago and I’ve been buying this product ever since. Originally came in a couple of shades,1 & 2, but now has a range of shades that go with every skin colour. You don’t need to use much product and it does its job. Click here to buy YSL’s very own magic wand!

4. Archie Grand Notebook:

For anyone looking to keep track of their daily life and wants it done “old-school” style in a notebook, look no further. Archie Grand has come out with a selection of notebooks that you will LOVE! With quirky titles like “Lovers I Had and Liked” or “Bosses I Had and Liked”, there’s a notebook for everyone. Selfridges is selling them in-store and online. Click here to buy it online from Selfridges.

This concludes my list of things to buy this week. Enjoy!


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An instant way to uplift your wardrobe or drab old t-shirts and jumpers is by getting statement necklaces that double up as collars. It has happened numerous times where I have worn such necklaces on top of plain tops/dresses/jumpers and people have mistaken them for a new outfit. HAH!

Places where I have found such treasures is ASOS, H&M, House of Fraser, TopShop and just scouring the web. A while ago I did a feature on statement necklaces and the link is as follows:

Enjoy xx

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And so I inaugurate my first post with this photo set. It’s winter, it’s cold, it’s drab and it’s gloomy. But my clothes don’t have to be! I got this faux fur jumper from ASOS and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!! It is so versatile. I can wear it with my jeans, my corduroy pants I got from Uni Qlo or even on top of a dress.

What I am wearing in this picture:

Knitwear: Faux Fur Jumper by ASOS

Trousers: Uni Qlo corduroys in maroon

Shoes: Vanika boots by Kurt Geiger

Nail Colour: Peppermint by Rimmel

Jewellery: Got it on sale from House of Fraser= BARGAIN!!