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Nothing like new additions to your jewellery collection. What makes it even more special is your friends gifting them to you and they know what you’d like!! Totally in love right now.

The ring and leather wrap-around bracelet is from Juicy Couture. Now this brand is quite controversial where some people call it “chavy” (non-english people please google the word :P) BUT!! In JC’s defence I would say I for one love most of their jewellery, may be not all of it but all the ones I’ve bought myself and I have been gifted I just LOVE them. Plus the pieces I’ve got don’t have any OTT branding on them so they’re great pieces and ones to keep! Yeah if you’re going to wear a JC tracksuit and UGG boots then I’m sorry but that would be classed as “chavy”. But you have to make sure you wear the brand the right way. FYI! you can never wear Paul’s Boutique the “right” way. That brand is “chavtastic” as it’s best! I think I’ve over done the word “chavy” in this post.

My bestie knows what works for me! 😉


If you’ve got cash to splash then you have designer options like Hermés, Chloe, Celine and Cartier etc. I have spotted the Hermés cuff bracelets quite a lot and it is on my wish list!

Check out a few I’ve spotted.

Chloe-Lily-leather-and-brass-wrap-bracelet-1 Hermes-Bracelet-Collier-De-Chien9 the-hermes-bracelet-and-the-musa-sandals-L-ZDsJyQ

What arm candy have you been sporting lately? Do share! Till the next one xxxx

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Hello my fashionable readers! Yes I know I go M.I.A for a while and then re-appear. I need to keep my act more consistent. But hey that does not stop me from shopping 😛 So I bought this sequin top from TopShop in a sale and matched them with these mint coloured trousers I bought from Zara and these studded boots. Studs seem to be the “IT” part of the outfit at the moment. It is all about the studs- on the jackets, shoes, gloves, shoulder pads; you name it. So here I am being oh-so-casual at a friend’s.

Top: TopShop (sale)

Trousers: Zara (sale)

Shoes: Zara (£69.95)

+ high-res version

I love piling up my accessories but not to the extent of looking like I’m running away with all my jewellery! Loving the chunky bracelets and range of ethnic rings I got from my recent holiday to Pakistan! Pile it up ladies!!


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With Summer playing peek-a-boo and rain constantly showing its wrath on London, I have been feeling printed dresses and stockings lately. I like the concept of wearing bright stockings off setting a printed dress. Fuss free, stylish, versatile and simple. Share yours xx

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What has been catching my eye lately are the gorgeous small designer leather accessories i.e. cardholders. Coming in an array of colours, these are the perfect accessory to put your plastic money in aka debit/credit cards or even your business cards. A great conversation starter especially if you’re into networking. It’s like having a small part of designer goodness in your bag. A great gift I may add. I gifted a gold Prada cardholder to my friend and she loved it!!

And they work really well if you’re going out and can only stash as much in a clutch. So putting your card in a cardholder actually gives you a bit of reassurance that should you lose that (LET’S HOPE NOT!), someone will notice!

From DKNY to Alexander McQueen, Smythson to Anya Hindmarch, Mulberry to Prada and many more- they’re all adding a bit of glamour to this otherwise ignored piece of accessory. I love the nudes and pastel shades used by Mulberry and Anya Hindmarch (love the bow detail too!). At the same time kudos to Prada for using a range of colours from bright reds to golds. I love the signature skull detail on the Alexander McQueen cardholders. I cannot wait to add one of these to my collection! 😀

So if you’re looking to treat yourself or buy a gift for someone close to you, do browse these lovely creations. Ranging from £45 to over a £100, there’s something to match everyone’s range.

Click here to view the collection on Net-a-Porter.

Click here to view Prada’s collection of cardholders.

Disclaimer: All the photos used are courtesy of Net-a-Porter and Prada.

Do keep on visiting my site for everything that’s fashionable!! Love xx

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Why hello there! I know it’s been quite a while since I posted something “meaty”. And by that I mean a post with lots and lots of fabulous clothes! A little late but keeping my promise to you that I would share my wedding outfits in detail- here I am! I did post a sneak preview (click here to view) of what I wore to my brother’s wedding but I thought I would post it in more detail here so you can get some inspiration and just enjoy the colours.

Weddings are never out of season. They happen come rain, snow or sun shine and there will always be a need for more wedding/party clothes. So I thought I would share some of the moments from the much anticipated event and get to show off my outfits too! 😉 It was a week long and 3-day official grand affair with lots of music, dancing, food, colour and not to mention loads and loads of colourful and glamourous outfits! I think I should let the photos do the talking. If you want to enquire more about the outfits, please do. I will be putting some up for sale too so watch this space! 😉 In the mean time, happy viewing. xx

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I love reading. Be it the news, fashion/food magazines, celebrity news, world affairs, politics- I like to know what’s going on around me. And I respect the journalists, writers and news people who try so hard to be the first ones to bring us breaking news or something that someone will read and go “Aah! Now that was a great read. Can’t wait to share it with my friends!” and sometimes you have irresponsible crap like this that makes you wonder what is “responsible journalism” all about? Is it nothing more but a metaphorical term now? And by “this” I mean:

Fine ! I love celebrity news. Most of what I do is following up on what outfits are being worn or take some inspiration from what “celebrities” are wearing so I can share similar outfit choices but what kind of an idiotic and irresponsible article is this? Yes, I’m going to rant a little. And it’s because of articles like these that ruin the body image for most people especially young girls who are in that impressionable age and it does not help we live in a celebrity obsessed culture. Daily Mail isn’t known for their top notch news coverage anyway, their stories are mediocre at best but this article really annoyed me. So this so called “journalist” is commenting on Katherine Heigl’s FAT?

I’d love to know where that fat is. In the said article, another close shot tries to pinpoint the exact spot of all that FAT!

Gosh! Katherine Heigl’s so fat she could crack a nut under that thigh. Wait! All of a sudden all those “Yo Momma’s so fat” jokes are coming to my mind. Seriously? I’d love to see what this Aislin Taylor looks like in real life. Fine you got a job, times are tough and you’ve got to write something to sell this paper but at least write some sense. This writer is either some person ridden with anorexia or has self image issues saying “O EM JEE! I look sooooo fat!!”

You call this fat? Google the term “Fat people” and you’ll know what a fat person looks like. Although I run a fashion blog and most of what I do is to do with clothes, shoes and all that materialistic stuff, but what I do not condone is portraying a damaging anorexia ridden size zero image that most of the fashion industry is crazy about. I hope my readers are of the same opinion as me. Please be confident about who you are, eat healthily, exercise 2-3 times a week and enjoy life! There’s nothing less sexy than a skinny person who’s gaunt and miserable because they’re depriving themselves of all the amazing food just so they can fit into a dress. Just eat responsibly and practice moderation in everything that you do. Life’s good. Read these articles for a laugh like I do and spread positivity.

As for my fashionable posts, they’re comin’ right up! 😉 xx

I can hear all the women screaming with delight. Lucky are those girls who are free or work near the venue. Ahh!! I wish I could go. But! doesn’t mean I won’t share! 😉 SO ladies!! Make sure you check out this sample sale by REISS. They are advertising prices starting from £10 so you’re sure to land a bargain. Book off those times in your diary ASAP!!


Featuring the gorgeous Olga Kurylenko in Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine Jan 2012 Issue

If there is one wish on the day I get married, that is to walk down in an Elie Saab wedding gown. This man has magic in his hands. He just knows what looks good on a woman. I do like my fair share of designers like Oscar De La Renta and Valentino but ladies I will be a little biased here and say Elie Saab takes my money any day!!

The fabric, colour, sparkle, flow and the cut of his designs is just fabulous. Olga Kurylenko, from Quantum of Solace fame, is looking gorgeous in this red gown by Elie Saab. You are bound to stand out in his designs and for all the right reasons. And no wonder all the big names in the fashion and acting world love him!!

Here’s to a successful 2012 to Elie Saab!