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Okay guys! I’m back from my hiatus. I know it’s been a while. I was just looking for some motivation as I was getting lazy. But I’m back now so will endeavour to be more regular in my posts.

I’m sure you’ve had this feeling of walking past a window display and a shoe, a top or a jacket calls out at you. The more you walk past, the more you want it. Yep! Happened to me. I could not resist but buy these red boots from River Island.


I had seen a similar pair in Zara but I wasn’t that impressed with them.


Some might disagree with me and think the ones from River Island are more wacky than the Zara ones. But what I do know is, both these pairs are inspired by the gold studded Susanna boots by Chloé.


These boots come in red and black and have been worn by numerous celebrities working the trend of studs this winter and jazzing up their wardrobes as well as look. They’re great for giving your look an extra oomph.



So while I was browsing Harvey Nichols, my high street boots had a face off with the designer counterpart. Suffice to say, I was happy with mine. Also, if I were to buy the designer version, I wouldn’t pay such a steep price for them- I’d rather go for a more classic pair of boots. I mean these boots are great for jazzing up my wardrobe but £90 is the max I’m willing to spend on them.



I’m loving how many high street retailers are coming out with similar, if not exact copies of the designer versions. It’s great for us who want to wear the designer look, but can’t afford it all the time. Any you’ve spotted while browsing? Let me know. Xx

Today was a day of chilling and strolling through the streets of London. Hey you know the London summer I kept on dreaming about all these months?? Well what do you know! Its finally here, if only for a week!! But hey! Better live it up.

Decided to keep it cool with a pair of Zara print trousers, pinned a flower to a plain T shirt to jazz it up and accessorised with my Prada sunnies, a beaded necklace and D&G bag for the KAPOW affect!! 😉 aaah! I got burnt! I think it will last me till whenever the next time Mr Sun will grace us. Xx


+ high-res version

Loving my Vivienne Westwood boots I managed to grab from the crazy Selfridges’ Summer sale! I fell in love with these boots when they first came out in black. But I prefer their tan version. It was love at first sight and fate finally united us!! I believe there is a God!! 😀 xx

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With Summer playing peek-a-boo and rain constantly showing its wrath on London, I have been feeling printed dresses and stockings lately. I like the concept of wearing bright stockings off setting a printed dress. Fuss free, stylish, versatile and simple. Share yours xx

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It’s always great to visit fashion shows and see all the exciting new designs and talented people showcasing their work. But this show was even more special because it was part of Pakistan Fashion Week. Although the fashion scene in Pakistan has caught up and is at par with any  other international brand because we have the quality material (Pakistan being the second largest exporter of fabric in the world!!), the resources and quite clearly the talent. Yet, that part of Pakistan is always overshadowed with what’s wrong with the country. I’m not going to indulge more in that side of the conversation and I’ll focus more on the main event itself.

This was the second Pakistan Fashion Week in London. It is a brainchild of Riwayat Ltd. Co-founded by Adnan Ansari and Chris East- it was their common love towards promoting Pakistan and it’s culture through fashion that turned this event into a reality. In the company’s own words “If there is one thing that showcases the vitality, style and creativity of Pakistan globally it is fashion.” I could not agree more!

The location that was chosen for the event was grand- right in the heart of Central London just off High Street Kensington in the Kensington Town Hall. I decided to go on the season finale show. You know you’ve entered Pakistan Fashion Week when one of the top designers of Pakistan, Deepak Perwani, compliments you by saying “Nice outfit” while you cross paths. Compliment taken- thank you very much! 😉

The moment I entered, there was quite a buzz about the finale show. There were numerous designers and jewellers showcasing their designs. The place was jam packed with people and it was great to see it was not just Asians who were interested in the fashion week. I had a good walk around the venue and saw the designs. It was a shame Umar Sayeed did not show at the event. Everyone was excited and waiting for the show to start.


After fighting for my place within the photographer’s ramp, I stood waiting for the show to start. Mehreen Syed, a top model from Pakistan was headlining the show and she opened the finale with Maheen Khan’s clothes. Maheen Khan is to Pakistan what Karl Lagerfeld is to Chanel. Quite a comparison, I know! But her name is synonymous with fashion in Pakistan. She has been designing since decades and has made quite a name for herself. What I do love about her designs are they are practical. They’re not your run of the mill bridal outfits. Her outfits are what normal people like myself can wear on an evening out, to a dinner party or a formal evening.

I found the models’ walk to be a bit wooden. There were a couple who were great to watch on the cat walk. But Mehreen Syed was the photographers’ favourite and they kept on praising her!! They loved the way she walked and posed.


Next one up was a new name I had not heard before- Vasuo Fazal. Knowing little to nothing about him, his designs were a breath of fresh air. They were vibrant, colourful, fun and daring! Just what you need for the summer.


The collection opened with promise when another top Pakistani model Sunita Marshall walked the ramp for this designer. In my opinion, that was the only highlight of the collection. The designs were old and outdated. Half way through I lost interest. The purpose of a collection is to keep your audience captivated. Bring one amazing outfit after another. But the collection just went downhill after the first outfit. Even the French photographer next to me was like “May be they just paid money to get into the show because it’s in London”.


Being the second largest exporter of cloth in the world, it was an opportunity for Lakhany Silk Mills (a clothing manufacturing conglomerate) to showcase their material in vibrant prints and designs. Their Pathan “pugri” (variation of a turban) covering the face of the models was amusing.


Zaheer Abbas’s collection started with a bang. Totally opposite from the previous designers, his focus was more western and fusion wear. There were hints of Balmain in his collection with the short dresses and pointed shoulders. He used a lot of silks and structured cuts to enhance the outfit. In terms of tailoring, there is still space for improvement but I think it was a good effort by this lad.

More continued in the next post. xx


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Why hello there! I know it’s been quite a while since I posted something “meaty”. And by that I mean a post with lots and lots of fabulous clothes! A little late but keeping my promise to you that I would share my wedding outfits in detail- here I am! I did post a sneak preview (click here to view) of what I wore to my brother’s wedding but I thought I would post it in more detail here so you can get some inspiration and just enjoy the colours.

Weddings are never out of season. They happen come rain, snow or sun shine and there will always be a need for more wedding/party clothes. So I thought I would share some of the moments from the much anticipated event and get to show off my outfits too! 😉 It was a week long and 3-day official grand affair with lots of music, dancing, food, colour and not to mention loads and loads of colourful and glamourous outfits! I think I should let the photos do the talking. If you want to enquire more about the outfits, please do. I will be putting some up for sale too so watch this space! 😉 In the mean time, happy viewing. xx

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I love reading. Be it the news, fashion/food magazines, celebrity news, world affairs, politics- I like to know what’s going on around me. And I respect the journalists, writers and news people who try so hard to be the first ones to bring us breaking news or something that someone will read and go “Aah! Now that was a great read. Can’t wait to share it with my friends!” and sometimes you have irresponsible crap like this that makes you wonder what is “responsible journalism” all about? Is it nothing more but a metaphorical term now? And by “this” I mean:

Fine ! I love celebrity news. Most of what I do is following up on what outfits are being worn or take some inspiration from what “celebrities” are wearing so I can share similar outfit choices but what kind of an idiotic and irresponsible article is this? Yes, I’m going to rant a little. And it’s because of articles like these that ruin the body image for most people especially young girls who are in that impressionable age and it does not help we live in a celebrity obsessed culture. Daily Mail isn’t known for their top notch news coverage anyway, their stories are mediocre at best but this article really annoyed me. So this so called “journalist” is commenting on Katherine Heigl’s FAT?

I’d love to know where that fat is. In the said article, another close shot tries to pinpoint the exact spot of all that FAT!

Gosh! Katherine Heigl’s so fat she could crack a nut under that thigh. Wait! All of a sudden all those “Yo Momma’s so fat” jokes are coming to my mind. Seriously? I’d love to see what this Aislin Taylor looks like in real life. Fine you got a job, times are tough and you’ve got to write something to sell this paper but at least write some sense. This writer is either some person ridden with anorexia or has self image issues saying “O EM JEE! I look sooooo fat!!”

You call this fat? Google the term “Fat people” and you’ll know what a fat person looks like. Although I run a fashion blog and most of what I do is to do with clothes, shoes and all that materialistic stuff, but what I do not condone is portraying a damaging anorexia ridden size zero image that most of the fashion industry is crazy about. I hope my readers are of the same opinion as me. Please be confident about who you are, eat healthily, exercise 2-3 times a week and enjoy life! There’s nothing less sexy than a skinny person who’s gaunt and miserable because they’re depriving themselves of all the amazing food just so they can fit into a dress. Just eat responsibly and practice moderation in everything that you do. Life’s good. Read these articles for a laugh like I do and spread positivity.

As for my fashionable posts, they’re comin’ right up! 😉 xx

I can hear all the women screaming with delight. Lucky are those girls who are free or work near the venue. Ahh!! I wish I could go. But! doesn’t mean I won’t share! 😉 SO ladies!! Make sure you check out this sample sale by REISS. They are advertising prices starting from £10 so you’re sure to land a bargain. Book off those times in your diary ASAP!!


So everyday I decide I need to update my website because it’s been TOO LONG and the fact I’ve been buying some amazing stuff while I’ve been here in Pakistan and have not been able to share it at all!!

What with running after tailors, last minute shopping, requests I get from my friends in London and maintaining a fine balance between giving full attention to my friends and family- it’s bloody hard!!

Anyway I thought I would share this gorgeous top or “kurta” as we call it in Pakistan. It is made of the softest cotton that will ensure I don’t die in the London heat. What I love is the attention to detail given to this top- notice the embroidery at the back, the cut and embroidery near the left knee cap, the green shoulder patch and the bright orange colour!! It is LOVE!

I find a lot of people underestimate the fashion scene of Pakistan but there is clearly no need. With Fashion Week in Pakistan just wrapped up a couple of weeks back, the pictures from the show were mind blowing. I will definitely be sharing those real soon. Till then enjoy this post. Much love xx






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Hello my fashionable followers/readers/fellow bloggers!!

I know I have not been as regular as I usually am but you cannot expect me to work while I am away. Writing full on posts feels a bit arduous! 😉 For that follow me on Twitter (@NidaJehan) and get all the latest (read: regular) posts and pictures. BUT! I have been piling up work for myself and I will be updating you all on what I bought/wore/styled/wanted-to-die-wearing!!

So I bought this top from this local boutique called Chinyere’. It’s a subsidiary of this clothing conglomerate called Bareeze’ whose unstitched cloth of the finest cotton, silk and chiffon Pakistani women swear by! It was on SALE!! Yes!! So not only was it a bargain but it was really stylish as well. Value for money I would say! The colour is very Spring/Summer and around the neck is a hand embroidered design that looks like I’m wearing a necklace so you don’t need to wear any jewellery. Very smart! It’s shaped like a paper bag upside down and is tight around the legs. It is very flattering to the figure. And if this top isn’t impressive enough from the front, check out the back! Keeps the onlooker entertained from front and back! hah! I got it for a cool Rs.3000 which is a cool £20! Not bad at all.


Till the next one!! Enjoy xxx