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If you, like me, have struggled trying to get the cleopatra eyes right then this is the post for you. After trying eye liners after eye liners, I found the winner in Maybelline. Never thought I’d repeat the tag line “ May be it’s Maybelline”!!

It is everything you need in an eye-liner. It comes with a great brush that is robust and eyeliner gel that will last you the whole day! It has been tried and tested over and over and I must say I am really impressed.

It’s only £7.99 on Waitrose’s website! Yes!  Waitrose is selling it! So for a price that low, you can’t go wrong. Give it a go. Click here to buy this product or try your nearest Boots or Superdrug. Click here to find out more about the product. Another product of their Eye Studio collection is the Master Drama Cream Pencil in black. It looks like it’s very easy to use. That is going on the list of products to try! For more info, click here.