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Nothing like new additions to your jewellery collection. What makes it even more special is your friends gifting them to you and they know what you’d like!! Totally in love right now.

The ring and leather wrap-around bracelet is from Juicy Couture. Now this brand is quite controversial where some people call it “chavy” (non-english people please google the word :P) BUT!! In JC’s defence I would say I for one love most of their jewellery, may be not all of it but all the ones I’ve bought myself and I have been gifted I just LOVE them. Plus the pieces I’ve got don’t have any OTT branding on them so they’re great pieces and ones to keep! Yeah if you’re going to wear a JC tracksuit and UGG boots then I’m sorry but that would be classed as “chavy”. But you have to make sure you wear the brand the right way. FYI! you can never wear Paul’s Boutique the “right” way. That brand is “chavtastic” as it’s best! I think I’ve over done the word “chavy” in this post.

My bestie knows what works for me! 😉


If you’ve got cash to splash then you have designer options like Hermés, Chloe, Celine and Cartier etc. I have spotted the Hermés cuff bracelets quite a lot and it is on my wish list!

Check out a few I’ve spotted.

Chloe-Lily-leather-and-brass-wrap-bracelet-1 Hermes-Bracelet-Collier-De-Chien9 the-hermes-bracelet-and-the-musa-sandals-L-ZDsJyQ

What arm candy have you been sporting lately? Do share! Till the next one xxxx

Okay guys! I’m back from my hiatus. I know it’s been a while. I was just looking for some motivation as I was getting lazy. But I’m back now so will endeavour to be more regular in my posts.

I’m sure you’ve had this feeling of walking past a window display and a shoe, a top or a jacket calls out at you. The more you walk past, the more you want it. Yep! Happened to me. I could not resist but buy these red boots from River Island.


I had seen a similar pair in Zara but I wasn’t that impressed with them.


Some might disagree with me and think the ones from River Island are more wacky than the Zara ones. But what I do know is, both these pairs are inspired by the gold studded Susanna boots by Chloé.


These boots come in red and black and have been worn by numerous celebrities working the trend of studs this winter and jazzing up their wardrobes as well as look. They’re great for giving your look an extra oomph.



So while I was browsing Harvey Nichols, my high street boots had a face off with the designer counterpart. Suffice to say, I was happy with mine. Also, if I were to buy the designer version, I wouldn’t pay such a steep price for them- I’d rather go for a more classic pair of boots. I mean these boots are great for jazzing up my wardrobe but £90 is the max I’m willing to spend on them.



I’m loving how many high street retailers are coming out with similar, if not exact copies of the designer versions. It’s great for us who want to wear the designer look, but can’t afford it all the time. Any you’ve spotted while browsing? Let me know. Xx

+ high-res version

In real life, you don’t always want to be dressed to the nines with your high heels, perfect skirt or pair of jeans and the chicest handbag in tow (unless you’re ANNA WINTOUR!!) Sometimes, you just want to be casual and still look chic. The effortless look. I like looking at people who look so casual yet so put together. And before I start, apologies for lack of posts recently, ill health had gotten the better of me. But now I am back and kicking!! So let’s kick off this week’s Weekly Spotlight!

So talking of casual…I start thinking about sneakers, high top trainers but no, I don’t go as far as track suits. We gotta draw the line some where ladies. And I draw the line at the shoes and the occasional hoodies. Once in a blue moon kinda thing when it comes to hoodies.

The sneakers that caught my eye were the ones Miranda Kerr was wearing while she was yet again waltzing around some amazing location with the cutest baby in her arms. Yep! Those are Isabel Marant babies! The shoes I mean. Isabel Marant is this French designer who designs very understated chic designs. It was a nice surprise seeing someone like her foray into this share of the market.

Miranda Kerr wearing sneakers by Isabel Marant

And then there is the following one, which is sold out by the way.

Betty leather and suede sneakers £390 (courtesy

At £390 a pair, these babies don’t come cheap! (Click here to view) You’ll only buy these if you’re crazy about sneakers and love collecting all the latest ones OR you have £390 to spare in the bank and want to look casual but not enough that you’ll shop from the high street!

Do you know what happened on January 25, 2o12?? Someone’s birthday? No. Some movie came out? No. World peace was declared? Not quite. Karl Lagerfeld, the brains behind the power house CHANEL, launched his affordable collection for women under KARL. And true to his eccentricity and style, there was a lot of leather, tank tops with his face emblazoned on them, canvas bags and what not. But one must-have item for all Karl’s fans, was the pair of high-top sneakers. With a price tag of £295, they do not come cheap but who said style comes cheap? (I do!!  I just wanted to use this line here! haha)

Ulla leather high-top sneakers £295 (courtesy

Ulla leather high-top sneakers £295 (courtesy

If white is your colour and you’ve fallen in love, then click here. And they come in silver too!! I mean c’mon, if Karl would not work the metallic trend then who would?!

Metallic leather high-top sneakers £295 (courtesy

Love the zip detail. You can buy them here!

With designers churning out high-top sneakers, you can’t expect Chloe’ to sit back and look. To be fair, Chloe’ has been doing them for a while. These tan coloured ones with the leather, snake print and suede detail are pretty chic. The right balance between casual and chic I must say.

Suede, leather and ayers high-top sneakers £365 (courtesy of

Suede, leather and ayers high-top sneakers £365 (courtesy of

LOVE the gold Chloe’ logo at the back. Very subtle and a great finishing touch. Anything more would look OTT and trashy. I despise those GUCCI trainer with G’s all over the freakin’ shoe. Or any that have the logo all over. Yea, I know you can afford those shoes. Thanks! So NOT classy at all!

If you have £395 spare and looking for the ultimate casual designer high-top sneakers then click here to buy!

Knowing me, you know there’s a bargain hiding here some where. Because, I am a sucker for good bargains! Anyone heard of Yohji Yamamoto? Truth be told, even I had not a while back but then I saw his designs and fell in love with this Japanese designer acclaimed for his tailoring skills bordering on genius! Here I was browsing through these designer sales websites,, when I came across his high top sneakers. Very simple monochrome pair of high top sneakers that make a statement. And with 79% off their retail price, if you’re a size 5 and love sneakers, it’s your LUCKY DAY! Paying £76 instead of £365, I say now THAT’S a bargain!

COMING SOON BY YOHJI YAMAMOTO White/Black Contrast Hi-Top Boots (courtesy

To buy them, please click here. Although, you will have to create an account on BrandAlley.

Now the next and last but not the least designer on my list is Sam Edelman. He is the king of studs!! His shoes are chic with an edge. Biker chic! These trainers are on a sale price of £60!! Down from £198. That’s how much a pair of converse would cost. Mental. I LOVE sales!! Ok I need to calm down. -_-

But hey check them out!

SS Cream Studded Casual Boots (courtesy of

There’s only ONE pair left in a size 4. So if you want to buy them, then click here ASAP!

Alright ladies and gents, this is the end of the Weekly Spotlight. I hope you enjoyed this post. You’ll definitely find a lot more designer trainers out there. Net-a-Porter is great for that!

Comment, like, share, feedback!

Love xx

+ high-res version

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When I was about to get my iPhone 4S, it was a big deal for me. I wanted to have a nice robust case not only covering the iPhone but have another case that I could slip the iPhone into; like a pouch. I was paranoid about dropping it and damaging it and I needed the right accessories that looked good too. I searched around for the perfect case and finally found it on Net-A-Porter’s website. It was See by Chloe’-Linia Leather iPhone Case for around £60-£70.

It is worth the price because it has another pocket under the flap where you can put your bank cards, travel card or even cash. If I’m going out and don’t need my whole bag with me, I just put the necessary stuff in there. It is not only of good quality but is really fashion savvy. So if you’re fashion conscious and want an overall protective and versatile cover for your phone, then this is it. If you want to browse more selection, have a look at Net-A-Porter’s website under accessories -> technology. They have a good selection of designer accessories for your gadgets.

Happy browsing. xx