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I always feel the visual merchandisers and the people who do the displays of all these clothing retailers are the silent soldiers and people who deserve true accolade for their hard work. I have found myself going into the store just because the window display was done so well that I wanted to go into the store and check out what they had to offer.

But those visual merchandisers who go a step forward and capture the theme of the whole nation take the gold medal hands down and are the unsung heroes. Speaking of gold medals, yes the theme is Olympics. I loved how some of the retailers truly captured the essence of what was and still is one of the most amazing and epic events to take London by storm. The Olympics 2012.

Two retailers who stood out the most with their eye catching window displays were Forever 21 and H&M. Kudos to the visual teams of both these stores who made a genuine effort translating the excitement into what were “athletically” creative displays! Loved the way Forever 21’s displays lit up during the day and moved around in a circle. Brilliant!!

I just think about how much work would have gone into suspending those male mannequins in the H&M displays and what an eye catching display it is-completely in line with the excitement and spirit of the Olympics. With Paralympics around the corner, here’s hoping more retailers will pay heed and jazz up their displays as well. Come on!! show some excitement!!

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Guess what I came across while shopping at Westfield Stratford. Triumph was showcasing it’s latest collection of lingerie, hosted by the feisty Brix Smith (I know her mainly from battling out her designer dresses against Gok in Gok’s Fashion Fix) There were four models modelling Triumph’s designs with Brix going around and explaining the history behind each piece. I saw more men than women gawking at the beautiful ladies! haha. Till the next one! xx

I am sure anyone who’s been following my blog/website would’ve felt I was not being regular in my posts. It’s been 2 weeks since my last  post!!

Well let me update you guys. I am currently enjoying time off in my motherland- Pakistan.

For anyone who’s only heard of the negatives about this place. In a few days I will be putting up blog posts about places to eat, shop and what this place is all about!

In the mean time, I’m trying to get my hand on a reliable wifi connection. Ha ha!

Till the next time.


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I love people who can be creative with their work outfits. This look I did is inspired from that fashionista who knows her job and at the same time knows how to carry herself off and is not scared to break out of that “corporate” mould! If I see someone wearing a very boring work outfit, you know what I think?! Yep! You can see that in my look!

This look is just to inspire you to go out there and make your own look similar to this one.


© Miss TikTik

Items in my post:
Marni v neck dress, $1,145
STEFFEN SCHRAUT slim fit shirt, $175
Brian Atwood platform booties, $845
Karen Walker Eyewear tortoise sunglasses, $180
Dorothy Perkins green skinny belt, £6

Ta! xx

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My Hello Kitty socks from H&M


I love quirky fashion! I am constantly running out of socks ALL THE TIME. Don’t know if there are some gremlins living in my house or what, but I buy new sets of socks every month! I bet I’m going to find a stash of those some where.

Anyway, while out shopping I came across these Hello Kitty socks at H&M. It was a set of three pairs and I absolutely love them. These remind me of my childhood and it’s always good to wear something that reminds you you’re still young at heart even if you hide it away in your shoes! 😛