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Back in London town from my Easter break and the SUN IS OUT!! If you’re wondering why I’m so excited to see the sun…well! It’s April, still windy, cold and miserable in London and finally the sun greets us! Hell yeah, I’m going to be ecstatic! 😀 What did you guys get up to? Anything exciting?!

Here’s hoping spring is just around the corner and the snow doesn’t make a comeback *fingers crossed* because this Spring it’s all about some flirty fun! I plan on wearing lots of colour, quirky prints and sandals. My feet are dying to breathe! Talking about fun and flirty, who loved Burberry’s heart prints visible through see through skirts as modelled by model-of-the-moment Miss Cara Delevingne.


Safe to say, not all us fashion lovers can afford the extortionate prices of Burberry but us humble fashionistas can improvise and look else where to other brands who can cater to similar tastes! With all the major fashion weeks having given us full blown doses of fashion back to back- there are brands who have taken inspiration from the catwalk and offered us fashion lovers something to look forward to wearing this spring/summer!

A brand that has just hit my radar is Max Studio. Although an established brand since 1979, it has been quietly successful and looking at their current collection- there are definitely pieces I would want in my wardrobe! Their Spring/Summer 2013 collection has some inspiration pieces from the likes of Burberry like the heart-printed jacquard trousers and shorts.

Wear it Now_Heart Print

Looking around the site, it’s very easy to navigate and what I look out for on any fashion website are the VISUALS. They need to be crisp, detailed, stand out and colourful! They need to shout at me to look at them…not even look…GAWK at them! And this website does that. One of my favourite dresses from their new collection is this printed geometric number. I just love the colour combination and can think of a number of ways I would wear it- with some amazing accessories! Ah I’m getting giddy with excitement thinking about how many looks I can milk out of this dress. After all, we are still in throes of an economic downturn dah-lings so got to be smart about it as well, y’know!


Also love this red dress! Perfectly fits the fun and flirty look for the coming season! Love the sheer panel details as well. And for someone who is conscious about their upper arms (ME!!), the cap sleeves coupled with the  pleated skirt give a flattering look.


Now ladies, it’s crunch time. Yes, we are going to talk about the monies! Now these clothes don’t come cheap. The geometric print dress is retailing at £99 where as this red number is £175. These are not your run-of-the mill purchases. You spend this sort of money when you’re giving your wardrobe a makeover. And since we’re just at the cusp, where Winter is (HOPEFULLY) bidding farewell and Spring is stepping in, I have a feeling a lot of us will be going for that uplift very soon. I think if you’re good with accessorising then you can re-work these pieces over and over again! Trust me I do that all the time and people still ask me if I’m wearing a “new” top 😉

All in all, I’m impressed with this brand and will be keeping a close eye on these guys! Who knows I may end up adding a few pieces myself! 😉

Check out their Spring/Summer 2013 collection and see if anything catches your fancy. Have you bought anything from these guys before? Let me know how your experience was and what is your opinion of this brand?

Till the next time my beauties! xxx

This title is a homage to the recent spew of videos under the umbrella title of “Sh*t Girls Say” and a recent addition to this is “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click on the following links- it’s a 2 part video:

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say Part One

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say Part Two 

These videos are soooo hilarious! Like O MY GOD hilarious! (I so don’t talk this way!!!)


I decided it was time I started sharing my recent purchases with you guys. Since I spend most of my time (and money) on shopping AND eating, I thought why not. Being a bargain junkie, my shopping is a mixture of pricey as well as not so pricey items.

Since I am about to embark on a longish holiday, I am currently in a holiday shopping mode. Now who has NOT heard of TK Maxx?! Please don’t say you haven’t! Being a bargain junkie that I am, I’m in love with this place. You have the likes of Michael Kors, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Versace, Alberta Ferretti and the list goes on- gracing the rails of this store. Sometimes, I feel almost cheated on paying full price for things and realise what is their real value when you can easily find them in stores like TK Maxx?! Not that I’m complaining!! In fact, bring it all here!

So today I had embarked on finding myself a pair of silver high heels for my brother’s upcoming wedding and instead I found myself hogging the rails of TK Maxx. Soon enough I found myself holding a purse and my! what a gorgeous purse. Very elegant and understated- in a royal purple colour with an inner finish of fuchsia. It’s primarily for travelling so you can hold your passport, tickets and other travelling documents in one place. How many times have you found yourself at the airport counter rummaging through your bag trying to find your ticket or the boarding pass or your passport?!……Ok, just me then! 😛 Under a tenner, this baby is going to be my best travelling accessory! It is by this designer called Anna Di Angelo. I haven’t heard about this designer but it’s a start.

The next accessory I bought was a silk scarf from Zara. I think I am unconsciously buying everything that has purple or fuchsia or pink in it. I think my body is trying to get ready for Spring! aah! Can’t wait!! But yea, again under a tenner, could not resist taking a few shots with the purse juxtaposed on top of the scarf.

And then there were the shoes! I am a crazy shoe addict. Some people call me the caterpillar- I have stupendous amount of shoes! I shall do a post soon about my collection of shoes. They’re divided into different categories; My Going-Out Shoes, Everyday Shoes, Wedding Shoes, Sporty Shoes, Semi-Formal Shoes, Unisex Shoes……You get the idea right? As I am in the holiday mode right now, I bought myself two pairs of shoes because I may need them for a party or a wedding- who knows. Both of these I got from Dune for around £50 and I was very pleased with myself.

The Beige peep toe pair is very minimal yet versatile. It is very Spring Summer 2012 and will sit well with all the bright colours I wear. The heel is high enough to not be uncomfortable after a while. I love this pair and for under £20, I’m quite pleased.

couldn’t resist! And I love the combo!!

The other pair of shoe is just so beautiful, classy and chic with the right amount of femininity to it. The diamantes, the silk satin finish, the pointed front, the cut out design from the sides finished off with a pretty bow at the back- these shoes just did it for me. And in black, they’re a killer pair of heels! I cannot wait to wear this sexy pair out!


Alright, this sums up my recent buys! Hope you enjoyed these. I will be sharing my shopping more regularly now. Just saw the time- gotta go and sleep! Catch you guys later. As always, do write in, give your feedback and share!

Stay fashionable! xx

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We all like to be prepared when it comes to different seasons during the year. For London, there are mainly two seasons. Cold and rainy or Hot and rainy. What’s common between the two? RAIN!! One thing we cannot ever get used to is the amount it rains here. After ruining my much loved footwear to water damage, I thought it was high time to invest in a good pair of wellington boots– or “wellies” as we love to call them.

I couldn’t just wear any wellies. They had to be stylish and they had to stand out! So I started shopping around. My first love was Vivienne Westwood for Melissa wellington boots. The very first ones I remember had cute bows on them in different colours but at that time I did not think much of buying anything for rain as I was like “Pooh! I’ll survive rain!” But oh boy! Was I wrong! It took losing several lovely pairs to the blasted rain before I decided to buy a pair.

I looked around for these but either never found them in the colour I wanted or my size. But after much searching, I did find the ones by Vivienne Westwood and they were the Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Studded Bootie 111 from Selfridges for a cool £98 and they are SO WORTH IT!! I have been complimented left, right and centre for them.

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Studded Bootie III Now £58.50 on ASOS

At the moment they are on sale on ASOS, so click here to get yours now! 

But during my search, what I did find was how some brands were dedicated to this “genre” of shoes: The Rain Boots!

One designer brand that I find is completely dedicated to these shoes is Burberry. Every season they keep on adding to their already extensive range of rain boots. From Equestrian style to buckled up- they have a design for everyone. Obviously when you’re talking about Burberry, the price is not going to be cheap. They start from £135 onwards but what I have found with their designs is that they’re very versatile, they blend in and you can carry them off with ease. They’re not like Hunter wellies that stand out like a dog in a herd of sheep! I’ve worn my Vivienna Westwood’s to work soooo many times and they look cool! My top favourites for this season are:



BACK ZIP RAINBOOTS £225 (comes in 3 different colours)

Not to be left behind is GUCCI. I have one and only one favourite design from there and I was after them for a while. They were available on the online store but had not arrived in store, and whilst I was waiting for them I found the Vivienne Westwood’s and fell in love with them instead!  GUCCI came out with the “storm” flat boot with signature web detail that I instantly fell in love with the moment I saw them! Had they been available in store I would have bought them straight away. Priced at £180, you would not expect anything less from GUCCI and to be honest the price is reasonable for the design, quality, brand name and the amount of times you’ll get to wear these shoes especially if you live in a wet city like London. Red is definitely my favourite in this design:

“storm” flat boot with signature web detail £180 (Available in 3 colours)

To shop or view the Gucci pair, please click here.

And if you’re feeling extremely extravagant and want to splurge and are a regular at music festivals, then Valentino has a stunning pair for you!

VALENTINO Studded rubber knee boots £435

VALENTINO Studded rubber knee boots £435

As is obvious, at £435, they do not come cheap but I love the studded detail and the way the strap is buckled along the sides as well as the buckle detail around the shin. I personally would not spend that much on “rain boots”, but if you’ve fallen in love with them and money is no object, then click here.

But if you’re a bargain hunter like I am, then I found these amazing pair of wellies by MEL, that look similar to Vivienne Westwood’s range.

Mel Rubber Boots £37.99

If I did not know who designed them, I would’ve assumed they were by Vivienne Westwood. And guess how much they cost?! £37.99 ONLY! Bargain! New Look is selling them at the moment. They come in three different colours. To buy yours, click here.

And if you’re looking for even more selection of rain boots, then Net-a-Porter (love this site!!!) has a dedicated section just for these. To view that, please click here.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feedback welcome! Till the next post, laters yeah! (my take on the east-end accent; don’t hate :P)

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Even though I’ve been living in London for a while now, I still cannot get used to the winter season here. Although this year has not been as crazy cold as last year, it is STILL FREEZING!! 😦  And so in chilly days like these, do I love covering up! I personally love winter fashion because you have amazing knitwear, warm coats to choose from, the softest cashmere sweaters and accessories to cover up in, like this faux fur snood I bought from ASOS that is featured in this post of mine. It is the best £20 I ever spent and the fact that this faux fur snood goes with everything I wear is simply brilliant. Military style coats were very much “in” this winter season, a trend brought on by the likes of Burberry and Balmain. I, however, got this coat from French Connection. I’ve had it for more than a year now but it has maintained its quality and still looks like new. No wonder I’m grinning ear to ear!

ASOS and French Connection still have winter sales (up to 70% off) going on so if you want to add something to your wardrobes, now is the time. I bought this coat a year ago and it’s still wearable so find your classic piece now!

To shop the ASOS sale including accessories like snoods, click here.

To shop the French Connection sale, click here.

© Miss TikTik

My look:

Coat: French Connection

Shoes: H by Hudson

Faux Fur Snood: ASOS

Hat: Accessorize


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You know the kind of affinity you have with a place even though you’ve never been there? The fact that you look at the pictures and you feel close to it? That’s what I feel when I think about Paris. This outfit is a homage to my love for everything French. French people know how to dress. You look at them and you just want to say “Très chic”, Oo La La! (Apologies to any French person reading my blog and thinking I’m completely destroying your language :P)

This All Saints Monument coat has a story. I saw it the first time All Saints came out with their Winter 2011 Collection and I fell in love with it instantly while going through their racks in Selfridges. The cut, the fall of the coat and the buckle detail- that just did it for me. I knew I would have it in my wardrobe soon enough. A month or so later, I went to their Covent Garden Store and found out they had sold out of it. I was gutted. I wanted the black coat. I enquired about it and the sales assistant very kindly printed out a list of ALL the stores that were stocking the last or the last TWO coats in my size. From then started a race to bag the prize. I called all the nearest stores and checked online. I would not settle until I had it in my wardrobe.

I guess it was meant to be and I found the LAST coat in the @AllSaints store near my workplace. It was “kismet”. I reserved it, went and bought it! AAAH! The satisfaction! That feeling is something else. The adrenaline rush is just amazing. For some odd reason I love this chase and I treasure this coat immensely. If you thought of a perfect coat, to me this is it. Trust me, I have A LOT of coats and jackets but the way this falls over the body and drapes it is just so elegant and stylish. I will feature a post on the whole collection of my coats and jackets one of these days!

Lesson: If you see something and cannot stop thinking about it? BUY IT!! If you leave it, you will always regret it. Trust me. I’ve had a lot of these moments.

For this look, I paired it with my Zara woolen tights and studded TOPSHOP loafers, which I love as well!

And finished off the whole look with my red Accessorize beret and Burberry print scarf to give a nice hint of red and beige check design around the neck (got as a gift from Scotland). You can get similar hats from @ASOS and @Topshop.

Hope you enjoyed this look.

Photography is courtesy of my friend Craig West.

Ciao xx


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With SS 2012 just around the corner (well considering British weather, may be not!) it was great to see one of my favourite designer brand, Mulberry, launch their new Bayswater collection which is why I chose it as my inaugural post in “Weekly Spotlight”. I love colour and it’s great to see Mulberry come out with a colour pop range!! Their prices start from £795 and go up as much as £3500. (Yikes!)

Mulberry has come back with a bang with the luxury market previously being dominated by brands like Gucci, LV and Prada. Like Burberry it has really created a niche for itself and stuck to its English roots. Roger Saul, founder of Mulberry, chose the best words to describe his brand as “a romantic but robust lifestyle.”

So if you’ve been waiting to treat yourself for a while then have a look at their bags. Their sales stuff isn’t bad either. I’m sure you’ll find something to fit your budget! 🙂

And stay tuned for a dose of Weekly Spotlight every week! 😉


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Fashion Styling Work © Miss TikTik aka NidaJehan

Something that I enjoy more than anything, well apart from eating, is fashion styling. I could think, eat, and breathe clothes and different ways to dress up. Needless to say, my best childhood activity was playing dress up!! I bet that’s how all the big stylists started out.

This is one of the features I did incorporating trousers in our daily wear. I just realised I do not really see a lot of women wear trousers especially in the cold weather and rightly so. But once in a while, it’s nice to see someone carry off a flared pair of trousers with a sexy pair of high heels! With the right coat and bag, you’re good to go!! 😉