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First off I should start off by introducing myself – Hi I am Britt and I am here guest blogging for the amazing MISS TIKTIK all the way from sunny Australia. I lived for 2 years in London and have recently moved back to Australia. I love fashion and being a little bit fancy. Last week I was a little bit fancy and went for the DIY OMBRE.

So I am a tad bored of natural dark brown hair and I for one can not stand the exorbitant price that it costs to get a hairdresser to do your hair. I understand that it is skill but I have quite long hair so there is no chance that I get change out of £150. (And hairdressers never get it exactly right- especially when we are talking about a current happening look)
So when something comes on the market that promises to give you a access to a trend, from the comfort of your bathroom for the grand total of £10, I think it is always worth a shot.

DB Ombre

The ombre (or balaynge – people seem to get cray if you call it one and not the other) is the current look ‘de jour’. Drew Barrymore absolutely rocks it. To achieve this at home L’Oreal have brought out the wild ombre DIY kit. The kit comes in three shades depending on the base colour of your hair. As I already had some slight blonde highlights I went with kit number 2.
Now the trick to these kits is reading the instructions (which I struggle to at the best of times) and having confidence in your abilities (despite the fact that you are not at all trained in the art of hair- the many pictures you have studied of celebrities with the outcome that you desire must have rubbed off right?!)
This kit was ridiculously easy. You literally went a little bit scientist and mixed some chemicals and then brush it on to your hair with the brush they give you.
They give you a guide to where to start the dye. They suggested for long hair to start at the chin- however I wanted a more drama (unusual for me :P) so I went from the top of my ear and slightly higher at the front to create a more natural progression- you don’t want to have a straight line of colour or else you give the DIY job away instantly.
When you are applying it, you part your hair and apply dye in two pigtails. So you can definitely do this solo. (And rock out a country song while you are at it)
The brush insures that you dont totally dye all of your hair- just natural brushed sections. I do recommend though that you have someone- brother or boyfriend can even do it (it’s that easy) – make sure that you have brushed all the way around the back in a basic level kind of way.
I left the dye on for the longest recommended time (45mins) as I have quite dark hair and wanted to make the colour stand out.
I was REALLY impressed with the outcome. I have provided a before and after shot – it is hard to show the colours on camera but I did my best #nofilter. I don’t think it looks like a home job at all (and if it does maybe you should break it to me gently) It has a very natural colour progression that I was really happy with.
I would definitely use this product again and would love them to bring it out in Australia so I don’t have to order it online.
If you have thought of trying this look- do it! This kit makes it almost too easy.
I am also excited to add a bit of temporary colour later and rock out a cosmic ombre (not sure how the office will take that one).

Sooo!! looks like I was in a deep slumber… a hibernation of sorts. Now that summer is around the corner, I feel like I’m feeling alive again. Hah! I’ll save you the dramatics! I guess it was a combination of being lazy + too much going on! But I’ve kicked my back side. I’ve invested a lot in this site and my work and I should not let anything stop me! Found this awesome inspirational quote (via which pretty much sums me up! 😉

shakespeare quote

What have I been up to lately?! Well…for starters! my Facebook page has 164 followers and growing! yay!! (Please visit and show your love by liking the page: Miss TikTik Facebook Page) and I created a Pinterest account as well. If you’re on Pinterest, I would LOVE to connect with you. You can find me here -> Miss TikTik  I cannot believe I did not get on it sooner! I.AM.ADDICTED!!

Just because I’ve been MIA doesn’t mean I wasn’t WERRRQ-in’ it! Here are some of my looks from the last couple of days (that I managed to photograph!)

Miss TikTik OOTD

Top, Jeans and Shoes: ZARA
Scarf: Louis Vuitton
Bag: Russell & Bromley

Miss TikTik OOTD

Blazer, Trousers and Shoes: ZARA
Snood: Accessorize

Miss TikTik OOTD

Blazer: River Island
Trousers and Top: ZARA
Shoes: Converse Limited Edition
Ring: Juicy Couture
Bag: Russell & Bromley

Yes!  I do shop at ZARA…A LOT!! But they do some really good stuff (not the best quality but I love it!) and keep on trend.

My current loves? Well I’m going to share one from each category to make it easy and not look like as if I’m trying to over-compensate for my disappearance!

Nail Art of the Week: 

I did not realise how EASY it is to do your own nails. These tutorials are God sent and thank you to every one of you who does them and puts them up for people like me!


(image via

Hairstyle of the Week:

I LOVE this bow hairstyle. It is so cute and perfect for summer. A bit too cutesy but hey! some times you want to look like cute even though you may be a raging devil inside! haha! 😛

hair tutorial

(photo via


Ok so I saw these Caroline Issa X LK Bennett (collaboration) heels and DIED! Love the pom pom detail at the back and the colourful embroidery which also reminds me of the Pakistani outfits I have. These heels are perfect for the summer, worn with a pair of skinny jeans/trousers or a flirty dress. Très Chic Daah-lings! 😉  

You can shop the whole collection here!



As always, here’s a promise to be more regular and connecting with all you beautiful and fashionable people out there!! I will leave you with something fabulous 😉

Remember ladies…

quotes for ladies


(photo via



Nothing like new additions to your jewellery collection. What makes it even more special is your friends gifting them to you and they know what you’d like!! Totally in love right now.

The ring and leather wrap-around bracelet is from Juicy Couture. Now this brand is quite controversial where some people call it “chavy” (non-english people please google the word :P) BUT!! In JC’s defence I would say I for one love most of their jewellery, may be not all of it but all the ones I’ve bought myself and I have been gifted I just LOVE them. Plus the pieces I’ve got don’t have any OTT branding on them so they’re great pieces and ones to keep! Yeah if you’re going to wear a JC tracksuit and UGG boots then I’m sorry but that would be classed as “chavy”. But you have to make sure you wear the brand the right way. FYI! you can never wear Paul’s Boutique the “right” way. That brand is “chavtastic” as it’s best! I think I’ve over done the word “chavy” in this post.

My bestie knows what works for me! 😉


If you’ve got cash to splash then you have designer options like Hermés, Chloe, Celine and Cartier etc. I have spotted the Hermés cuff bracelets quite a lot and it is on my wish list!

Check out a few I’ve spotted.

Chloe-Lily-leather-and-brass-wrap-bracelet-1 Hermes-Bracelet-Collier-De-Chien9 the-hermes-bracelet-and-the-musa-sandals-L-ZDsJyQ

What arm candy have you been sporting lately? Do share! Till the next one xxxx

So it’s been more than a year since I started blogging. Slowly and steadily I have managed to keep on going because I love fashion and love talking about it. Lots of people have encouraged me along the way and I am proud of where I have gotten so far. This is just the beginning and there is still lots more work to be done but I wanted to take this time and thank every one of you who has liked my work and shown their support via different social media channels- wordpress, twitter or Facebook. A BIG SMACKER! and an even bigger THANK YOU!!! 

Thank you for following my work. Please do spread the word!! I am always open to feedback and people looking to collaborate can always contact me 🙂 xxxx


+ high-res version

What has been catching my eye lately are the gorgeous small designer leather accessories i.e. cardholders. Coming in an array of colours, these are the perfect accessory to put your plastic money in aka debit/credit cards or even your business cards. A great conversation starter especially if you’re into networking. It’s like having a small part of designer goodness in your bag. A great gift I may add. I gifted a gold Prada cardholder to my friend and she loved it!!

And they work really well if you’re going out and can only stash as much in a clutch. So putting your card in a cardholder actually gives you a bit of reassurance that should you lose that (LET’S HOPE NOT!), someone will notice!

From DKNY to Alexander McQueen, Smythson to Anya Hindmarch, Mulberry to Prada and many more- they’re all adding a bit of glamour to this otherwise ignored piece of accessory. I love the nudes and pastel shades used by Mulberry and Anya Hindmarch (love the bow detail too!). At the same time kudos to Prada for using a range of colours from bright reds to golds. I love the signature skull detail on the Alexander McQueen cardholders. I cannot wait to add one of these to my collection! 😀

So if you’re looking to treat yourself or buy a gift for someone close to you, do browse these lovely creations. Ranging from £45 to over a £100, there’s something to match everyone’s range.

Click here to view the collection on Net-a-Porter.

Click here to view Prada’s collection of cardholders.

Disclaimer: All the photos used are courtesy of Net-a-Porter and Prada.

Do keep on visiting my site for everything that’s fashionable!! Love xx

+ high-res version

A woman who’s style I really love and admire is Kate Beckinsale. She carries herself so well and I’ve hardly ever seen her in a fashion disaster. She’s such a babe and looks amazing in whatever she wears. Check her out wearing this on-trend one shoulder jumpsuit and I love this deep fuchsia colour! She accessorised it with just the right amount of accessories and minimal make up. I think I should give credit to her stylist as well who probably went through several outfit changes before deciding on this winner. A job well done! Definitely brightened up the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards.


I was just going to end this post with her looking super hot but then decided why not do a whole feature focussing on jumpsuits?! If you’re looking to copy her style this summer, then I’ve got a selection for you. You don’t need to go crazy on the printed jumpsuits, a solid colour looks just fine as it’s like a blank canvas and you can play around with chunky jewellery, accessories and shoes! O the shoes…


This one comes in 3 different colours. Hurry up and get your hands on this jumpsuit as it’s selling out fast! I love the ruffle detail and the back has a criss cross design plus the silky material gives it a very ethereal look. Click hereto get yours.


A short jumpsuit but a very cute number. If you’re petite (like moi!) and always have to go through a million shops before you find the right size or haggle someone to alter yours, then this short version is the perfect one for you. The canary yellow colour, the net sleeves and the bow (its HUGE but does not look out of place) make it a very key part of your summer wardrobe. Imagine wearing it with some flip flops, a straw hat, peppermint nails and some frappes. O how lovely dah-ling! 😛 I can ramble on but hey! if you want to buy this jumpsuit, then click here.


This red jumpsuits looks slightly more formal than the rest. The cut is very straight and structured. It would suit someone who’s going for a very sharp and less fussy look. Unlike the frills or bows, this one has a one-shoulder detail and that is all it would need. All it needs is a chunky necklace, a cocktail ring, and a clutch to finish the look. You can either play around with the red and black combo or be a bit more daring and add some multicoloured accessories to the look. It comes in two colours, choose yours here.


I really love this slinky jumpsuit by Halston Heritage. It is a great and effortless look for a night out. Fuss free and manageable. The Berry colour is just right too. To shop yours, click here. With these monotone solid colours, you can bring out the attire with your choice of accessories. I love sites like ASOS and Net-A-Porter that have everything in one place nicely categorised so you can easily choose and match your outfit. With jumpsuits like these, you need some chunky bracelets that stand out and you don’t need to pile them on like there’s no tomorrow. One or two would do.

taken from

To shop these and more bracelets/cuffs, click here.

And you can always pair a trusty set of heels when you go out and play. Take inspiration from this colourful bunch!

shoe collection from

So ladies, you don’t need any more inspiration. A word of advice: Jumpsuits can be very flattering and Unflattering at the same time so make sure the one you choose fits you well and does not cling on to all the wrong places. If it’s not for you then don’t wear or buy it! Some trends are better left alone.

Till the next time, Ta! xx

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In real life, you don’t always want to be dressed to the nines with your high heels, perfect skirt or pair of jeans and the chicest handbag in tow (unless you’re ANNA WINTOUR!!) Sometimes, you just want to be casual and still look chic. The effortless look. I like looking at people who look so casual yet so put together. And before I start, apologies for lack of posts recently, ill health had gotten the better of me. But now I am back and kicking!! So let’s kick off this week’s Weekly Spotlight!

So talking of casual…I start thinking about sneakers, high top trainers but no, I don’t go as far as track suits. We gotta draw the line some where ladies. And I draw the line at the shoes and the occasional hoodies. Once in a blue moon kinda thing when it comes to hoodies.

The sneakers that caught my eye were the ones Miranda Kerr was wearing while she was yet again waltzing around some amazing location with the cutest baby in her arms. Yep! Those are Isabel Marant babies! The shoes I mean. Isabel Marant is this French designer who designs very understated chic designs. It was a nice surprise seeing someone like her foray into this share of the market.

Miranda Kerr wearing sneakers by Isabel Marant

And then there is the following one, which is sold out by the way.

Betty leather and suede sneakers £390 (courtesy

At £390 a pair, these babies don’t come cheap! (Click here to view) You’ll only buy these if you’re crazy about sneakers and love collecting all the latest ones OR you have £390 to spare in the bank and want to look casual but not enough that you’ll shop from the high street!

Do you know what happened on January 25, 2o12?? Someone’s birthday? No. Some movie came out? No. World peace was declared? Not quite. Karl Lagerfeld, the brains behind the power house CHANEL, launched his affordable collection for women under KARL. And true to his eccentricity and style, there was a lot of leather, tank tops with his face emblazoned on them, canvas bags and what not. But one must-have item for all Karl’s fans, was the pair of high-top sneakers. With a price tag of £295, they do not come cheap but who said style comes cheap? (I do!!  I just wanted to use this line here! haha)

Ulla leather high-top sneakers £295 (courtesy

Ulla leather high-top sneakers £295 (courtesy

If white is your colour and you’ve fallen in love, then click here. And they come in silver too!! I mean c’mon, if Karl would not work the metallic trend then who would?!

Metallic leather high-top sneakers £295 (courtesy

Love the zip detail. You can buy them here!

With designers churning out high-top sneakers, you can’t expect Chloe’ to sit back and look. To be fair, Chloe’ has been doing them for a while. These tan coloured ones with the leather, snake print and suede detail are pretty chic. The right balance between casual and chic I must say.

Suede, leather and ayers high-top sneakers £365 (courtesy of

Suede, leather and ayers high-top sneakers £365 (courtesy of

LOVE the gold Chloe’ logo at the back. Very subtle and a great finishing touch. Anything more would look OTT and trashy. I despise those GUCCI trainer with G’s all over the freakin’ shoe. Or any that have the logo all over. Yea, I know you can afford those shoes. Thanks! So NOT classy at all!

If you have £395 spare and looking for the ultimate casual designer high-top sneakers then click here to buy!

Knowing me, you know there’s a bargain hiding here some where. Because, I am a sucker for good bargains! Anyone heard of Yohji Yamamoto? Truth be told, even I had not a while back but then I saw his designs and fell in love with this Japanese designer acclaimed for his tailoring skills bordering on genius! Here I was browsing through these designer sales websites,, when I came across his high top sneakers. Very simple monochrome pair of high top sneakers that make a statement. And with 79% off their retail price, if you’re a size 5 and love sneakers, it’s your LUCKY DAY! Paying £76 instead of £365, I say now THAT’S a bargain!

COMING SOON BY YOHJI YAMAMOTO White/Black Contrast Hi-Top Boots (courtesy

To buy them, please click here. Although, you will have to create an account on BrandAlley.

Now the next and last but not the least designer on my list is Sam Edelman. He is the king of studs!! His shoes are chic with an edge. Biker chic! These trainers are on a sale price of £60!! Down from £198. That’s how much a pair of converse would cost. Mental. I LOVE sales!! Ok I need to calm down. -_-

But hey check them out!

SS Cream Studded Casual Boots (courtesy of

There’s only ONE pair left in a size 4. So if you want to buy them, then click here ASAP!

Alright ladies and gents, this is the end of the Weekly Spotlight. I hope you enjoyed this post. You’ll definitely find a lot more designer trainers out there. Net-a-Porter is great for that!

Comment, like, share, feedback!

Love xx

In this time where people are losing jobs and money is a sensitive subject- keeping yourself in line with the latest in fashion is not one’s priority. However, fashion does not have to come with a high price. It can be a mix and match of high and low priced items which can create a great ensemble!

So every other Sunday, the weekly spotlight will include excerpts from a “Recessionista’s” diary. A fashionista on a budget! 😉

Today has been quite busy with my trip to Rugby (the city and NOT the match as most of the people I mentioned to thought!) and Leicester hence not much action from my side. But just to let you know, I am working on some great content.

So, watch this space… xx

+ high-res version

And I am back for my Weekly Spotlight post that I update every Sunday. I am a shoe addict. I buy shoes (read heels) I fall in love with but never wear them because they’re too beautiful and they’re not really made for walking! Before we start talking about the SS2012 collection, I feel there are so many offers to make use of before they end. Kurt Geiger is my favourite brand to shop at when it comes to stylish heels and one-of-a-kind shoe designs although they’re not always the most comfortable. But then you have to suffer for fashion sometimes!  I look forward to Kurt Geiger’s new collection every season and even more, their sales (HEAVEN!)

I featured their Dolly shoes in my post a couple of days back (click here to view) and they’ve gone down even more in price! £35 from £120!! I’m a bit annoyed because I paid £59 but oh well! I love my Dolly heels and they were worth the price! Most of the shoes on sale are on-trend for SS2012 so you don’t have to spend on the new collection to get the spring/summer look. They have an amazing collection and their sale items are practically a bargain!

So ladies! Before you start looking at the new collections, have a look at the sale items. There are still some amazing deals to be grabbed before they run out!

Remember: Fashion is not always about buying the latest and the most expensive stuff. In today’s financial climate it is about being sensible and buying stuff that is versatile and wearable over and over again. Some of their designs channel Christian Louboutin like the Almond number by KG and the Sophia is very Alexander McQueen. The best thing about KG is that they have shoes by Carvela, Nine West, Nicole Farhi, Lipsy et al on their website. You can also go to their retail stores in Bond Street, Selfridges, Regent Street etc. and bag yourself a bargain. Their Vanika boots have been featured in a number of my posts and I absolutely love them!

SO have a browse through some of my favourites and a few that will come in handy for the summers! For all Kurt Geiger shoes on sale, click here.

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+ high-res version

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With SS 2012 just around the corner (well considering British weather, may be not!) it was great to see one of my favourite designer brand, Mulberry, launch their new Bayswater collection which is why I chose it as my inaugural post in “Weekly Spotlight”. I love colour and it’s great to see Mulberry come out with a colour pop range!! Their prices start from £795 and go up as much as £3500. (Yikes!)

Mulberry has come back with a bang with the luxury market previously being dominated by brands like Gucci, LV and Prada. Like Burberry it has really created a niche for itself and stuck to its English roots. Roger Saul, founder of Mulberry, chose the best words to describe his brand as “a romantic but robust lifestyle.”

So if you’ve been waiting to treat yourself for a while then have a look at their bags. Their sales stuff isn’t bad either. I’m sure you’ll find something to fit your budget! 🙂

And stay tuned for a dose of Weekly Spotlight every week! 😉