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So!! How have my lovely followers/readers been recently? London is fast becoming the North/South Pole (whichever you prefer) and I am hoping one of these days it will actually snow in MY part of London rather than the measly ol’ frost!

Okay I am going to make a confession and I call it my guilty pleasure- Ireadtheentertainmentsectionofdailymaileveryday!! There!  I said it. I’m sure you get that my lack of spaces in that sentence was deliberate??

Any way, this post is going to cover the celebrity pictures I come across on the said paper.

Ok, so up first is our very own Liverpudlian, a famous WAG in her own right, Ms Alex Gerrard. I do like her style actually. She is always quite trendy and styles herself really well. It’s good she kept her makeup understated and focused on the eyes. I think anything more would’ve been an overkill. LOVE the Isabel Marant boots. Quite a few celebs have been seen wearing them around town. I love their red version too. They’re called the Isable Marant Berry boots with cut out appliqué. For £670 they’re definitely going to leave a dent in your bank account! To round off this look, I’m impartial to faux fur (not sure if it is fake in Alex’s case) and love the coat!



The next celeb is our very own X-factor judge, Tulisa not-going-to-try-spelling-lastname. Her style’s a bit hit and miss. Some times she looks nice and some times she does NOT!  Anyone who’s been following X-Factor would’ve been following the fashion choices of Tulisa. Needless to say, Nicole won hands down (not that I’m pitting them against each other……. On second thought, I AM!) One thing to remember about fierce footwear that Tulisa is wearing in this pic- DON’T wear chunky ankle boots if you’ve got chubby is definitely not the right word here because she’s not…Actually she’s got short legs and these boots are making her legs look chunky. Not loving the dress, hairstyle, the belt around the waist with the gold studs…NO NO NO!

Moving on.

Ms Karolina K-k-k-k-urkova! One word for this look. FIERCE!!

Love the whole look. Very sharp, eye-popping colour, great way of breaking the look by adding black peep toe shoes and bag. And the best accessory of all- her dazzling smile! She ain’t a supermodel for nothing.


Talking of supermodels. The other Victoria’s Secret angel who’s been getting massive amount of coverage is Ms Miranda Kerr. She’s followed around by paparazzi while taking flights, juggling her motherly duties with the cutest baby of all, going to work or business meetings and STILL looking fabulous. I love her and her style. She makes all this look so effortless. When I’m a mummy, I still hope I keep my sense of style and figure (??).

Love the smart look of her outfit. The Givenchy bag is one of my favourites and so are the Miu Miu shades she’s rocking. I do love Miranda’s collection of sunnies. She’s got some cool pairs.


Like her, I love buying sunglasses. I mean, living in London where there’s hardly any sun, most of you would think it’s a bit much. But hey! can’t help it. So my favourite one at the moment is the leopard print one in the middle. These sunnies are part of Miu Miu’s Fall 2011 collection. If anyone of you out there who loves me and wants to buy something nice for me this Christmas then I wouldn’t mind mentioning the one in the middle is on my wish list. *hint* *hint*


Right! Next up is none other than the lady who holds the Best Derriere spot- Pippa Middleton. She snapped here heading to her friend’s wedding reception in Northern Ireland. I like her choice of outfit. She balanced the blue with a camel coloured hat and an orange bag. I’m glad she didn’t go too matchy-matchy! Love the fur around the shoulders. All in all, a well pulled together outfit.

Pippa Middleton at Alex Roupell and Emma Logue wedding in Northern Ireland

While I am commenting on Ms Middleton, she was snapped walking arm in arm with her girlfriend. Her friend seems to be the risk taker and seems to be having fun with her outfit. Love the headpiece. I’m not sure if the flowers are part of her hat or they’re separate but either way, they’re are great attention grabber. I love how she’s matched the red clutch to the red flower in her hair and the way she’s cinched her waist with a belt. However, I do not like her choice of footwear. No matter how cold it is, I feel boots for a wedding are not appropriate footwear. You need to be a bit more formal which, sadly, these boots are not. But I definitely love the rest of the outfit.


Who has seen One Tree Hill? If you have then obviously you know about Sophia Bush. I am so used to seeing her in shoulder length slightly curly hair with a middle parting that the fringe is a nice change. It is definitely suiting her. And I like the casual-bordering-on-going-out look. I like the plaid print in her jacket finished with leather sleeves. A very versatile jacket that can be worn during the day or at night. I like.


Speaking of adding leather to the look, I admire Kristen Stewart’s looks. They are flawless every single time. I don’t know if I should credit her, her stylist of both of them. But they are doing an amazing job. I have been following her red carpet looks and there wasn’t one occasion where I could criticise her. Even in this look, it’s understated yet sharp. You don’t need to add anything else. Love the hair, the make up, the outfit and great job of ending the look with those red shoes. (I WANT THEM!)

Vanity Fair Screening Series Presented by Hugo Boss V.I.P Screening Of "On the Road"

There is no article about celebrity fashion without a mention of Ms Paltrow. A fashionista in her own right, this ageless beauty is a true fashion maven. Even on her flight back from Dubai, she is bringing home her effortless chic style. I love red! and I love the shape of this jacket. It looks really comfortable- loose sleeves, big collar and paired with skinny jeans; it really accentuates her figure really well. A bit of bling is always good so no wonder she needs those sunnies! And finished off that look with that bag- love the colour and it sits really well with the whole outfit. 10/10!!


And last but not the least. I mean all I can say to this is…

                                                                            BITCH PLEASE!!!!


Till the next one you fash pack you!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Disclaimer: All the images used are courtesy of DM. K Thanks. Bye.

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I love reading. Be it the news, fashion/food magazines, celebrity news, world affairs, politics- I like to know what’s going on around me. And I respect the journalists, writers and news people who try so hard to be the first ones to bring us breaking news or something that someone will read and go “Aah! Now that was a great read. Can’t wait to share it with my friends!” and sometimes you have irresponsible crap like this that makes you wonder what is “responsible journalism” all about? Is it nothing more but a metaphorical term now? And by “this” I mean:

Fine ! I love celebrity news. Most of what I do is following up on what outfits are being worn or take some inspiration from what “celebrities” are wearing so I can share similar outfit choices but what kind of an idiotic and irresponsible article is this? Yes, I’m going to rant a little. And it’s because of articles like these that ruin the body image for most people especially young girls who are in that impressionable age and it does not help we live in a celebrity obsessed culture. Daily Mail isn’t known for their top notch news coverage anyway, their stories are mediocre at best but this article really annoyed me. So this so called “journalist” is commenting on Katherine Heigl’s FAT?

I’d love to know where that fat is. In the said article, another close shot tries to pinpoint the exact spot of all that FAT!

Gosh! Katherine Heigl’s so fat she could crack a nut under that thigh. Wait! All of a sudden all those “Yo Momma’s so fat” jokes are coming to my mind. Seriously? I’d love to see what this Aislin Taylor looks like in real life. Fine you got a job, times are tough and you’ve got to write something to sell this paper but at least write some sense. This writer is either some person ridden with anorexia or has self image issues saying “O EM JEE! I look sooooo fat!!”

You call this fat? Google the term “Fat people” and you’ll know what a fat person looks like. Although I run a fashion blog and most of what I do is to do with clothes, shoes and all that materialistic stuff, but what I do not condone is portraying a damaging anorexia ridden size zero image that most of the fashion industry is crazy about. I hope my readers are of the same opinion as me. Please be confident about who you are, eat healthily, exercise 2-3 times a week and enjoy life! There’s nothing less sexy than a skinny person who’s gaunt and miserable because they’re depriving themselves of all the amazing food just so they can fit into a dress. Just eat responsibly and practice moderation in everything that you do. Life’s good. Read these articles for a laugh like I do and spread positivity.

As for my fashionable posts, they’re comin’ right up! 😉 xx

I can hear all the women screaming with delight. Lucky are those girls who are free or work near the venue. Ahh!! I wish I could go. But! doesn’t mean I won’t share! 😉 SO ladies!! Make sure you check out this sample sale by REISS. They are advertising prices starting from £10 so you’re sure to land a bargain. Book off those times in your diary ASAP!!


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What a way to kickstart SS 2012! I love this campaign by Net-A-Porter.

I LOVE colours and I am sooooo happy, delighted, excited (and all such synonyms) to see all the designers bringing bright colours back into the Spring/Summer 2012 Collections. This is a heads up ladies! You know the rules. Any drab, dull and gloomy colours will be reported to the fashion police!



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SS 2012 is all about yummy pastels and bright colours- pinks, nudes, peaches…aah!! can’t wait for Spring/Summer!! Bag this Chanel collection in preparation for the new season (All Londoners keep your fingers crossed this year’s summer is better than last year’s “barely there”)


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Featured in Look Magazine

I got featured in Look Magazine under their style search campaign. I was caught by surprise as I normally read such features rather than be a part of them. But I have to admit, it was pretty cool! 😉

For full feature:’s-style-search-at-westfield-stratford-city-week-3/nida-sehangir-24-from-wanstead-wearing-a-primark-skirt

That day I wore:

Top: Zara

Skirt: Primark (they were amazed it was a Primark skirt :P)

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Prada