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I love going to art museums and being surrounded by creativity. I feel so cultured! 😛 But truth be told some does make me laugh and some makes me think. I will never truly understand what goes in an artist’s mind. I guess that’s why for amateur people like myself, Tate has free entry making art accessible for anyone. Yay!

Yesterday was a great day spent at the Tate, enjoying the free exhibitions and then one really intriguing, weird yet interesting, harrowing, confusing yet cool art exhibition by Yayoi Kusama– A world renowned Japanese artist and (I’m such a loser but this got me excited) sponsored by Louis Vuitton. But of course darling! Although most of the exhibitions in Tate are free, this particular one is paid for- £11 for adults and £8.50 if you’re a student.

One of the highlights of the exhibition was walking through a mirrored dark room full of fluorescent hanging lights in the shape of tiny balls that kept changing colour. You could easily go into a trance like state if you stayed there any longer but the minder there told us to move on because the room was getting crowded and you had to follow a path as there was water bordering the path. It was amazing!

Interesting fact about Yayoi Kusama: She voluntarily admitted herself to a mental institution due to her psychological state and vulnerability and she still lives there to date. She has been able to publish numerous amounts of work and books while living in the institution. It has been a source of inspiration for her work throughout the years.

The exhibition closes at 6PM and then you have a lovely walk over St Paul’s bridge that takes you towards St.Paul’s Cathedral. The closest tube station for you, if you’re on the central line, is St. Paul’s. Have a browse through the photos and definitely go and spend a day there.

having a “moment”- Photo courtesy of my friend Brittany K

Never trying pickled egg ever again! bleekhh!!

Chocolate Mousse Cake at the Tate Cafe'

Love that quote by Yayoi Kusama. It’s so true!

Souvenirs from the exhibition. Photography was not allowed for rest of the exhibition.

stairway to heaven?

The End. The next exhibition I am really excited about is Damien Hirst’s. To learn more about all exhibition and further information, please click here. xx

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Continuing my praise for the visual merchandisers and artists who look after making every nook and cranny of Selfridges looking gorgeous, I came across this pretty ballerina outfit suspended from the ceiling at Repetto’s in Selfridges. The whole shop is beautiful and oozes luxury, what with crystal chandeliers and sparkly ballerina outfits- this place is more than a shop for me. I just like to roam around and see how have they changed their space now? Have a look for yourself. xx

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Some people love Selfridges for its shopping and the fact it houses the world’s top luxury brands but that’s a given. What I love about Selfridges are its unsung heroes. The visual merchandisers and artists who probably spend countless hours and months planning a window display or the shop floor visual merchandising and you can tell all that planning was worth it. I walked into the men’s formal department today and lo and behold: what an amazing piece of creativity! The typewriter, the written letters cascading on top of each other as if mimicking a waterfall yet looking so effortless. I was awestruck. It was a scene out of a 1950s movie as if a man had spent hours and hours writing a letter, threw it away, wrote another one, threw it away ad infinitum.

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