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This eyeliner is too good to not be mentioned which is why I just HAD to write a quick blog post and sing its praise. And no I’m not getting paid for it. I’m simply being nice- another one of my new year’s resolutions 🤔 (not!)

I always get so many compliments like gurrrl what kinda voodoo is this!! How does it stay in place so perfectly? No raccoons eyes, nothing! 
Yep! That’s right. I’ve found the perfect eyeliner that does not only give you the flick you desire but also the strength of steel against smudging. 

This is one eyeliner that does not fade or smudge! I’ve been using it over 2 years now and I keep on buying it over and over.

It’s none other than- Dip It eyeliner by Sleek Make up in Black colour. 

I have worn it in high intensity gym workouts like Muay Thai, boxing, spinning, circuit training and running. Does it smudge?! Nope! 

How much does it cost? Not more than £7 I believe. If you want a bargain you can also order it from Sleek’s website for £2.50 😏 

Trust me I’ve tried all sorts of eye liners- the colour is vibrant and it stays. Praise the lawd!! 🙌🏼

Go order it now! 💃🏻 x

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Hah! A cheeky way to turning around that jacket potato joint Spud-u-like. Don’t sue me!! 😛

So tell me. Is it just Zara or every where I look, they’re going crazy about studs?! Well not that I am complaining because I am loving the details of studs on jackets, shoes and tops! Obviously I had to indulge in some stud-lovin’ too. Bought these beauties from Zara for £69.99. You should still be able to get your hand on one if you’re lucky!! Click here to buy the pair. xxx

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One new product on my “To Try” list is this Estee Lauder Even Skintone Illuminator. Although, people tell me I’ve got clear skin, I’m not very good at taking care of it. I get lazy and careless. Like any other girl, I have uneven skin tone so from the sounds of it, this product is perfect for me. Priced at £46 for 30 ml and £62 for 50 ml, it is not the cheapest beauty product around but I do swear by Estee Lauder products, they stand the test of time and are high quality products. On enquiring about the product from the beauty counter of Estee Lauder at John Lewis, the lady told me it is a serum that illuminates your skin and you can wear it under your regular moisturiser. It  is similar to Strobe cream by MAC that I buy loads of. So definitely want to see what’s the difference between the two.

You can get your hands on it from any leading department store like Selfridges, House of Fraser, John Lewis and Debenhams etc. If anyone reading this has tried this product then I would like to hear from you! Email me.

For more information on the product, click here.

Till the next one xx

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The title says it all! Are you one of those girls who spends ages trying to perfect the arch of your eyeliner? I don’t know about you but I guess I speak for myself when I say we’re not all make up artists who can perfect the eyeliner arch in one swish. Every time I do put the eyeliner on, I know I have to spend another 10 minutes trying to clean it, perfect it and reapplying it. So, most of the times I just don’t wear it!

I think my search has finally come to an end. I am so excited that although I am dead tired today and want nothing more than sleep, I couldn’t help but share this with you. I came home and tried it straight away!

The eyeliner I am talking about is by Soap & Glory, which by their name seems more like a bath than a beauty product. But trust me, their products are super amazing!

I tried this eye liner and it is extremely easy to apply. The liner is like a sharpee and if you’ve got a steady hand you can easily create the shape you want. Now I have tried loads of eyeliners from Urban Decay, Maybelline, Mac and couple of others but I have found this one the easiest to apply. For an amateur like me, I will prefer this over any other while the Maybelline one is a close second. It’s as simple as creating the arch shape that you want and colouring it in as you would with a colouring pencil. Forgive the quality of the photo, but you can tell the shape is almost perfect and this was done under 30 seconds!!! (for one eye that is :P) I did not have to use any eye make up remover to tidy it up. Now that is an achievement.


You can buy it from BOOTS in their beauty section or click here to order online. It costs £6 but it is definitely worth it.

Ever since I first bought the body scrub product, by the British beauty brand Soap & Glory, from BOOTS, I have become a loyal fan of theirs. I would like to share a little bit of history about this beauty brand that I have come to love. This brand is the brainchild of suds-loving entrepreneur and celebrity facialist Marcia Kilgore. She counts Demi Moore, Madonna and Calvin Klein among many A-listers as her clients.

Before I knew about the history of the brand, I knew how good they were because I used them and the products spoke more than enough for the brand’s credibility- A Listers or no A Listers. If you suffer from dry flakey skin then their “Flake Away” scrub and exfoliator is THE BEST product I have tried so far. It literally leaves your skin ultra smooth as if you’ve moisturised it. It smells great, feels great and works like a beast!

I am a fan of brands that not only focus on the product itself but the packaging as well. It is the presentation that attracts me towards the product. The packaging is not only fun but extremely humorous. Their marketing is spot on, you really get it and can relate to it. An example is:

They do a whole range of products from bath to beauty and I swear by these products. I have not been disappointed yet and I was going through the reviews left by customers- quite a relief to know how well they’ve been received. Have a look at their website and products by clicking here.

That is all for now ladies and gentlemen (?). Till the next one xxx

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Anyone suffering from shopaholicism (yea I just invented that word! haha) look away!  For I have been eyeing up some great stuff be it a pair of shoes or a technology accessory, that staple leather jacket every wardrobe should have or the Chanel bag. Sigh! the list is never ending. But the key is to buy pieces that stay in your wardrobe for at least a couple of years because not everyone can afford a shopping spree every week or month!

I subscribe to credible online shopping sites like The Outnet (a “considerably” cheaper version of Net-a-Porter and owned by the same company)  and Brandalley. That way I find some amazing bargains so for me it’s a year round sale! So here is a list of  things I’ve come across and I think will be great additions to any wardrobe plus a couple of wants (which you don’t necessarily need!)

1. Leather Jacket

So normally I don’t buy leather jackets because when I look at the origin of the jacket- most of them come from Pakistan. And that’s a great thing because Pakistan and India source some of the best leather and that is why most of the jackets in Zara, Mango and TopShop would either be Made in Pakistan or Made in India. What stops me from buying them is the exorbitant price tag that comes with the jacket. Frankly, I can buy a stylish leather jacket from Pakistan for fraction of the price. HOWEVER! (Yes, there is a however!) If you are looking for style and unique design then forking out on these jackets is definitely worth it.

It’s a great thing then that Muubaa’s Spring Summer collection of leather jackets is on SALE on Brandalley. Just one more day to go and you can bag yourself up to 70% off so I say why not!! Click here to avail the fantastic offers now.

2. Technology Accessories

I love technology. I love gadgets and I love the fact how designers have come on board designing some amazing accessories for them. I love my iPhone 4s and I cannot help buying accessories for it. Some times people make fun of the fact how much casing I have for that one phone. How ironic it would be if I still manage to smash it! (I HOPE NOT!!!)

Anyway, I never knew that apart from designing some drool-worthy dresses, Lanvin actually designed an iPhone 4 case! I came across this lovely surprise on Net-a-Porter’s website. I have to say it is one of my most favourite at the moment. For £45 it’s not exactly cheap for a case but then again, how often do you buy a designer case for your phone.

courtesy Net-a-Porter

courtesy Net-a-Porter

courtesy Net-a-Porter

3. Makeup

With summer around the corner (I know I’ve been pining for them since forever and I hope summer this year isn’t the peek-a-boo kind!!) it’s all about the pinks and the peaches. So I am loving this soft glow blush by Chanel called Blush Horizon De Chanel. It’s all about keeping it understated especially during the day and let your skin breathe under the sweltering heat.

And I also love this strawberry pink lip colour by Chanel. Ah! I can just picture the whole look. Mmmm summer.

4. Footwear

How often do you come across the perfect golden pair of heels that are not too over the top yet classy enough to stand out? D&G have this perfect pair on sale! For £71 you cannot go wrong and they are a gorgeous pair and they look so comfortable.

courtesy of BrandAlley

If you want to buy this pair or browse other D&G pairs on offer, click here.

Gearing up for the new season, I’m also trying to get fit. And by trying I mean finding the right pair of trainers. So that means I haven’t really started running or working out yet! I know, I’m more excited about what I’ll wear than the actual exercising! haha. But anyone remember the Puma Alexander McQueen collaboration? I remember my (late) fashionable friend Sareena wearing one of these. She was the most fashionable person I had known.

This rib cage design is very McQueen and a great motivation to work out in these fabulous shoes. “Oh darling! I’m working out in my McQueens! Pha pha pha!” I can’t believe I just said that. -_- haha! *cringe*

courtesy of BrandAlley

With 54% off, they’re selling out fast. So make sure you get your hands on them IF you like ‘em by clicking here.

I guess that wraps up my shopping splurge for the week. I do want to add loads more stuff but I am holding back. A little at a time! 😉

Again, the key thing for me is being in the loop, subscribing to credible websites and hunting for the best bargain! The adrenalin rush from that is better than plain ol’ retail therapy! 😉 Till the next one. xx

I can almost feel the heat now. Well, I am feeling it because I am in Pakistan and the sun is at it’s glory nowadays. Summer is here!! YEEEESSS!! I won’t be celebrating for long though once it becomes a hot and sticky mess! I don’t look forward to traveling in the “tube” once I come back to London from Pakistan. A word of advice: Please keep a £1 deodorant in your bag. It is God sent!

What I am ABSOLUTELY loving this summer is lots and LOTS of colours. Colourful jeans, tops, blazers- juxtaposed on top of each other and some how it works. I love the printed floral trousers that have come out this SS 2012. They go really well with plain tops, colourful belts to accessorise and pastel coloured shoes. I. CANNOT.WAIT!!!!

Anyway, I caught the new mommy Beyonce’ working this trend and she looks smashing. But of course dah-ling!

Take inspiration from her and put some passion in your pants this Summer! 😉

Check out Zara! They’re spot on with this trend.

Till the next one xxx

courtesy Net-A-Porter

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The look I am loving so far. Will definitely be playing around with it. Zara you make me come back for more!!

The floral blazer and the pleated skirt are versatile and go with a number of looks. I’m thinking white trousers, pink skinnies, white tank tops and the works with loads of chunky jewellery to accessorise! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one!


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Shivering my way through this ruthless cold and snow makes me wish I was standing underneath the scorching sun. But come summer time, I’d be wishing the opposite. With designers and high street brands enticing us towards their Spring Summer 2012 collections, there is plenty to choose from the sales before forking out for the full priced stuff. I can be such a “cheapster” sometimes but I just love a good bargain AND even more when I’m getting something that will see me through the whole year and beyond!

So if you are one of those women who thinks ahead and is gearing up for Summers then I have found some bargains that you would love!

Pastels, bright palettes and nudes are the rhythm of SS2012. I think colour should be part of your wardrobe throughout the year! Especially in a cold and miserable weather like right now!

Anyway enough whining about the weather and back to what I have in store for you today.

So, I have picked out random pieces from different high street brands that would fit well in your wardrobe and that are quite versatile and interchangeable with other pieces from your wardrobe.

Crossover Dress by COS

Long White Shirt by COS

Dillan Tan Leather and Elastic Belt by REISS

Nessa Pink Ruched Maxi Dress by REISS

Francesca Green Bandeau Jersey Dress by REISS

ASOS PREMIUM Gold Pyrite Cuff

Ashiana Gold Plated Drop Earrings With Semi Precious Stones £18

The Ring Boutique Disco Ball Ring £18

The Ring Boutique Disco Ball Ring £18

Powersurge by Nine West. Now on Sale @ Kurt Geiger

Powersurge by Nine West. Now on sale!

Flax by Nine West. Love the colour! Now on sale!

Rocha by Nine West. Sale item!!

In this post, I have gathered items from different brands and that’s to show you, you can play around with colours and brands. You don’t have to wear everything from one designer. There should be some variety, which is what I like in my wardrobe. All these items are on sale right now so save some money and buy one of these fabulous items!

For jewellery from the ASOS website, click on the items below to be redirected:

The Ring Boutique Disco Ball Ring

Ashiana Gold Plated Drop Earrings With Semi Precious Stones

ASOS PREMIUM Gold Pyrite Cuff

For shoes from the Kurt Geiger website that hosts designers like Nine West, Nicole Farhi, Carvela, KG by Kurt Geiger, Miss KG etc, click on the links below:

Powersurge Nine West

ROCHA by Nine West

Flax by Nine West

For items by REISS, please click on the links below:

Nessa Ruched Maxi Dress in Pink

Francesca Bandeau Jersey Dress in Green

Dillan Leather and Elastic Belt in Tan

To shop clothing by COS:

Crossover Draped Dress 

Long Shirt in White 

Hope you enjoyed this post. I realise I have not been as regular but there are only enough hours in a day to do everything! Till the next post my lovelies, stay fashionable!! xx

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If you, like me, have struggled trying to get the cleopatra eyes right then this is the post for you. After trying eye liners after eye liners, I found the winner in Maybelline. Never thought I’d repeat the tag line “ May be it’s Maybelline”!!

It is everything you need in an eye-liner. It comes with a great brush that is robust and eyeliner gel that will last you the whole day! It has been tried and tested over and over and I must say I am really impressed.

It’s only £7.99 on Waitrose’s website! Yes!  Waitrose is selling it! So for a price that low, you can’t go wrong. Give it a go. Click here to buy this product or try your nearest Boots or Superdrug. Click here to find out more about the product. Another product of their Eye Studio collection is the Master Drama Cream Pencil in black. It looks like it’s very easy to use. That is going on the list of products to try! For more info, click here.


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Little did we know, in a couple of years studs and spikes will be the rage. Well, thanks to Lady Gaga you can wear these impalers in the name of fashion and no one can question you! Wear it with leather and some people may even question if you’re into S&M? You know what?! Tell them to look at your shoes and think again. I am not suggesting anything here! I thank my lucky stars I can walk home at night thinking, should anyone attack me, I’ve got my secret weapon walking with me.

But to be honest, I have developed a liking to this trend and I am in complete love with these shoes. They give your whole attire an edgy look- a bit of rock and roll! You don’t want to look princess pretty all the time! So here’s a pick of my favourite studded loves out there:


Although sold out on Net-A-Porter’s website, you can buy these shoes in two colours- black and navy blue. You can still buy these shoes in Selfridges or Church’s stand alone stores. These are my favourite and on my wish-list!! Anyone who loves me out there, you know what to buy me! 😛

CHURCH'S Ketsby stud-embellished leather ankle boots £350

Sam Edelman:

These suede leather studded ankle boots (that was a mouth full, let’s try that again!) by Sam Edelman are great for dressing up a casual outfit or even dressing down an outfit. Wear it with leather tights or a pretty dress- these shoes are versatile and can easily be carried off with each look. Click here to buy them.

Sam Edelman Pax Leather Studded Ankle Boot £145

The second pair by Sam Edelman is similar to the Pax Leather boots but in a shoe boot heeled version. If you love heels and studs, then this is the perfect accessory to go with your outfit. The heels give these boots an oomph and they’re the best of both worlds. Totally unique and a great addition to any wardrobe. I love them! But at £217, I’m contemplating whether I’ll wear them enough to justify the price! Have a look for them here.

Sam Edelman Renzo Leather Studded Shoe Boot £217


You know that S&M comment I made earlier? Well these shoes so fit the bill. Looking at such shoes, I just wonder what if I trip and some how manage to injure myself with my own shoes or rip my dress?! How stupid would that be?! But anyway, that’s just me being random. These shoes are by this brand called Zigi. They’re a good twist to the regular black high heels but save these for a night out! To buy them, click here.

Zigi Soho Stud Back Heeled Shoes £58

Ted Baker:

Ted Baker is one of my favourite high street designers and even he could not resist delving into the “stud” trend. These shoe boots have a classier version of the studs around the ankle and the black colour means you can wear them with jeans, dresses, tights or just the shoes on their own. Your choice! To buy them, click here.

Ted Baker Leather Shoe Boot With Stud Detail £97

And then my very own favourite FAVOURITE pair that I bought from TOPSHOP for a cool £28! I have featured these shoes in a number of my looks if you browse through the  “What Am I Wearing?” category on the top left hand side. Or if you’re lazy like me and can’t be bothered, then click on the following links:

Flower Power

Zara Does Chanel

Studded Loafers by TOPSHOP £28

This concludes my round-up of all the studded goodies I have found this week. Love xx