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When updating your wardrobe, it’s not always an overhaul you need. You can easily spruce up your whole look by adding key pieces to your wardrobe. I recently shopped at Zara and after a long hiatus, at River Island. I bought some great items from both stores that instantly make my outfit the focus of attention.

Items I bought from Zara:

A red Zara jumper from TRF
A pair of skinny jeans
A jacquard print jacket from TRF
A Leopard gem encrusted necklace

Shoes I bought from River Island:

River Island Saline Studded Boots in red

Items you may already own in your wardrobe:

Bright coloured trousers
Faux leather leggings
Red heels
Beige boots

Now what I have prepared are more than 5 looks (and counting!!) that you can have with these items. With limited cash flow and everyone wanting a piece of the latest fads, it’s time to get creative ladies!! So here’s my take on what I bought and how I intend to wear it. The great thing about the jacquard print jacket is its multicoloured and can go with bright colours like electric blues to subdued beige. Dress it up with a dress or dress it down with a pair of skinny khakis- there is no compromise on style.

Here you go ladies. I hope this gives you inspiration for trying different looks with key pieces in your wardrobe. Enjoy!

Please keep on reading my blog and spread the love!! Xxxxxx










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I could feel my fingers turn into tiny icicles while I was walking. Gaah!

SO that’s what inspired this look. Lots of layering yet not compromising on the style. This look has everything I love! Colour, faux fur, leather, quintessential gloves, and a great IT bag. Life’s good! Move aside “winter” and hell-ooo ice queen!

© Miss TikTik


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Without further adieu, I present to you all the fun, crazy running, ruffling of the dresses, last minute make up touch ups, hair dilemmas, scratches from the intricate beading, being poked by safety pins, draping, glamorous outfits and the drama that happened backstage that I could capture in between dressing my model! ASIANA Bridal Show 2012 was an experience to remember! 😉

To catch all the fun of the rehearsal day, please click my previous post here.

P.S: This post took absolute AGES to upload. Not impressed with wordpress at all!! If anyone out there is listening- FIX IT!!!

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I remember years ago when my sister would come from London armed with a magazine called Asiana and I would wonder to myself “Hmm, Asian fashion is picking up in London”. Little did I know, years later it will be worth more than a staggering £300 million!!! Yikes! But come to think of it, why not? If you look at the over the top designs, the glamour, the opulence, the luxurious fabric and the handiwork of the talented designers and the “kaarigars” (the men and women who do the embroidery by hand), the money you pay for it is worth it.

For the past 10 years Asiana has been holding a yearly bridal show that is held in different cities of UK like London, Birmingham, etc. I was lucky enough to be a part of Asiana Bridal Show 2012 as one of the dressers at the show. It was held on Sunday 29th of January at Riverbank Plaza in Vauxhall. Those of you who follow me on twitter were being updated on how the show was coming along with a photo thrown in here and there (Follow me @NidaJehan).  Before I share the amazing photos of the event, here’s a little info on what Asiana is all about. For any bride getting married, this is the one stop shop for everything to do with the wedding, from clothes to accessories, from make up artists to cake makers- with over 100 exhibitors to choose from- this is the ultimate event. You don’t have to be Asian to attend this exhibition as the designs and exhibitions were such that would have catered to all tastes. There were white wedding gowns and then there was the traditional Asian wedding ensemble- all packed within one event. Yet, it all gelled together beautifully.

The whole event was an adrenalin rush for me. We had one day for the rehearsal where we dressed the models and timed the whole event and then the next day was the show! Crazy!! Yet it was handled quite well even with some glitches here and there. The audience loved it and applauded the effort of the whole team. We had 4 shows back to back with a break of an hour in between each. The time went by so fast and I had my fingers crossed before each show making sure my model looked top notch when she walked the runway! The lady who was responsible for organising the event was Naseeba and the Oops Media and Events team that looked after the wardrobe and backstage making sure everything went smoothly. For more information on Asiana Bridal Show 2012, please click here.

And may I take this moment to applaud every single person in making this event a success, to the lighting crew, the backstage team, the dressers, the models and the whole organising team that made this show a reality. I never realised how much hard work goes into making such a show a success. I know what they mean by “It’s not all glamorous!”

And those of you anxiously awaiting photos from the rehearsal day, please browse away! Apologies for the quality of some of the photos. I could not take my SLR along as I was the dresser and not the photographer of the event! 😛

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Tomorrow, starting at 1PM, in Riverbank Plaza at Vauxhall, London, will be the Asiana Bridal Fashion Show with shows starting from 1PM onwards and loads of designers showcasing their designs. To experience intricate and detailed craftsmanship, vibrant colours, opulence and luxury in Asian fashion, please come along!

Being one of the dressers at the show, the rehearsals today were amazing with lots of high energy and amazing people to work with. This past week has been quite busy for me. But, I will be back with all the latest in fashion in the next couple of days. Till then, enjoy this sneak peak! 😉 xx

© Miss TikTik

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Some times my days are spent dreaming of how it would be if I lived in NY, the big Apple baby!! But I hear London is the new fashion capital and then I feel a bit smug and think “this is the most exciting time for fashion yet! especially in London”. So the following look I did, is an ode’ to my love for New York and bringing some warmth with these winter colours. I could see someone like Mila Kunis pulling off this look. Till the next one, ciao chicas! xx

© Miss TikTik

I’m a fan of finding good bargains and buying items that will go through to the next season so before I officially leave the sales and winter fashion behind, I plan on doing a series of posts (like I did on Kurt Geiger, click here) that will highlight the bargains you can get before the sales end or even a look you can accomplish for the coming SS 2012 through the current sales.

So my first choice for a style edit is TOPSHOP. I browsed the website and their sale items and I’ve put together a look that is as colourful as SS 2012 and incorporates all the right trends! From lots of colour to print, from shimmer to studs- it’s all there and on a SALE price!


Pair this sparkly cape with a printed top like the one below making sure the collar goes over the cape:



Colour is the order of the day and the season so why not brighten up someone’s day with this Waterfall skirt by TOPSHOP?




No look is complete without statement shoes? And what better way to make to statement other than with these shoes?


Not to forget the bag!


Sizes are limited and they’re all running out fast considering sales are coming to an end so click on the links below to shop these items before they go!! Quick!!






 I hope this inspires to go and attack those sales racks (I know it can be tiresome!!) because when you find something really amazing, all that ploughing through is worth it!!
Till the next post, stay fashionable! xx
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Everyone loves a plain black dress. It could either be the centre of attention or act as a blank canvas for your accessories. Either way, everyone owns one, two or may be lots of black dresses in their wardrobe. For some, it’s an excuse to hide various “bulges” gathered during the hibernation..err.. I mean winter (Xmas) season. This look I did is styled on a statement piece- it could be a necklace, the bracelets or the dress itself. If you’ve got a black dress some where in your wardrobe, take it out and style it around to give it a new year spin!

© Miss TikTik