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Hello Gorgeous!

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With a passion for fashion and an eye for style, my love for all things trendy and stylish started at an early age. A name given to me by my gorgeous mother because of my love of high heels at a tender age of 3, I could be heard “tik-ing” away in corridors and slyly trying on my mama’s new heels in her walk-in wardrobe.

I just wanted a creative outlet to express myself. During my constant ramblings and everyday notoriety, I shall enlighten you what with what I observe and give you my take on life particularly fashion! I am passionate about food and fashion. Creativity excites me. I am drawn to anything creative. Ads, print media, art, photography, fashion, food- LOVE it!

I love meeting other people of similar interests so please do contact me- I’d love to see your work!


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