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First off I should start off by introducing myself – Hi I am Britt and I am here guest blogging for the amazing MISS TIKTIK all the way from sunny Australia. I lived for 2 years in London and have recently moved back to Australia. I love fashion and being a little bit fancy. Last week I was a little bit fancy and went for the DIY OMBRE.

So I am a tad bored of natural dark brown hair and I for one can not stand the exorbitant price that it costs to get a hairdresser to do your hair. I understand that it is skill but I have quite long hair so there is no chance that I get change out of £150. (And hairdressers never get it exactly right- especially when we are talking about a current happening look)
So when something comes on the market that promises to give you a access to a trend, from the comfort of your bathroom for the grand total of £10, I think it is always worth a shot.

DB Ombre

The ombre (or balaynge – people seem to get cray if you call it one and not the other) is the current look ‘de jour’. Drew Barrymore absolutely rocks it. To achieve this at home L’Oreal have brought out the wild ombre DIY kit. The kit comes in three shades depending on the base colour of your hair. As I already had some slight blonde highlights I went with kit number 2.
Now the trick to these kits is reading the instructions (which I struggle to at the best of times) and having confidence in your abilities (despite the fact that you are not at all trained in the art of hair- the many pictures you have studied of celebrities with the outcome that you desire must have rubbed off right?!)
This kit was ridiculously easy. You literally went a little bit scientist and mixed some chemicals and then brush it on to your hair with the brush they give you.
They give you a guide to where to start the dye. They suggested for long hair to start at the chin- however I wanted a more drama (unusual for me :P) so I went from the top of my ear and slightly higher at the front to create a more natural progression- you don’t want to have a straight line of colour or else you give the DIY job away instantly.
When you are applying it, you part your hair and apply dye in two pigtails. So you can definitely do this solo. (And rock out a country song while you are at it)
The brush insures that you dont totally dye all of your hair- just natural brushed sections. I do recommend though that you have someone- brother or boyfriend can even do it (it’s that easy) – make sure that you have brushed all the way around the back in a basic level kind of way.
I left the dye on for the longest recommended time (45mins) as I have quite dark hair and wanted to make the colour stand out.
I was REALLY impressed with the outcome. I have provided a before and after shot – it is hard to show the colours on camera but I did my best #nofilter. I don’t think it looks like a home job at all (and if it does maybe you should break it to me gently) It has a very natural colour progression that I was really happy with.
I would definitely use this product again and would love them to bring it out in Australia so I don’t have to order it online.
If you have thought of trying this look- do it! This kit makes it almost too easy.
I am also excited to add a bit of temporary colour later and rock out a cosmic ombre (not sure how the office will take that one).


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