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I love reading. Be it the news, fashion/food magazines, celebrity news, world affairs, politics- I like to know what’s going on around me. And I respect the journalists, writers and news people who try so hard to be the first ones to bring us breaking news or something that someone will read and go “Aah! Now that was a great read. Can’t wait to share it with my friends!” and sometimes you have irresponsible crap like this that makes you wonder what is “responsible journalism” all about? Is it nothing more but a metaphorical term now? And by “this” I mean:

Fine ! I love celebrity news. Most of what I do is following up on what outfits are being worn or take some inspiration from what “celebrities” are wearing so I can share similar outfit choices but what kind of an idiotic and irresponsible article is this? Yes, I’m going to rant a little. And it’s because of articles like these that ruin the body image for most people especially young girls who are in that impressionable age and it does not help we live in a celebrity obsessed culture. Daily Mail isn’t known for their top notch news coverage anyway, their stories are mediocre at best but this article really annoyed me. So this so called “journalist” is commenting on Katherine Heigl’s FAT?

I’d love to know where that fat is. In the said article, another close shot tries to pinpoint the exact spot of all that FAT!

Gosh! Katherine Heigl’s so fat she could crack a nut under that thigh. Wait! All of a sudden all those “Yo Momma’s so fat” jokes are coming to my mind. Seriously? I’d love to see what this Aislin Taylor looks like in real life. Fine you got a job, times are tough and you’ve got to write something to sell this paper but at least write some sense. This writer is either some person ridden with anorexia or has self image issues saying “O EM JEE! I look sooooo fat!!”

You call this fat? Google the term “Fat people” and you’ll know what a fat person looks like. Although I run a fashion blog and most of what I do is to do with clothes, shoes and all that materialistic stuff, but what I do not condone is portraying a damaging anorexia ridden size zero image that most of the fashion industry is crazy about. I hope my readers are of the same opinion as me. Please be confident about who you are, eat healthily, exercise 2-3 times a week and enjoy life! There’s nothing less sexy than a skinny person who’s gaunt and miserable because they’re depriving themselves of all the amazing food just so they can fit into a dress. Just eat responsibly and practice moderation in everything that you do. Life’s good. Read these articles for a laugh like I do and spread positivity.

As for my fashionable posts, they’re comin’ right up! 😉 xx


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  1. May 21, 2012

    Very nice blog, thanks for share this article with us

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