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So everyday I decide I need to update my website because it’s been TOO LONG and the fact I’ve been buying some amazing stuff while I’ve been here in Pakistan and have not been able to share it at all!!

What with running after tailors, last minute shopping, requests I get from my friends in London and maintaining a fine balance between giving full attention to my friends and family- it’s bloody hard!!

Anyway I thought I would share this gorgeous top or “kurta” as we call it in Pakistan. It is made of the softest cotton that will ensure I don’t die in the London heat. What I love is the attention to detail given to this top- notice the embroidery at the back, the cut and embroidery near the left knee cap, the green shoulder patch and the bright orange colour!! It is LOVE!

I find a lot of people underestimate the fashion scene of Pakistan but there is clearly no need. With Fashion Week in Pakistan just wrapped up a couple of weeks back, the pictures from the show were mind blowing. I will definitely be sharing those real soon. Till then enjoy this post. Much love xx







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