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Asian weddings are known for their colour, flamboyance and a VERY generous dose of glamour! So my brother’s wedding was nothing less. The outfits were a culmination of months and months of planning- and it all paid off in the end. As I am still away, again I apologise for not posting regularly. However, I thought this collage of three wedding outfits should compensate for that 😛

The first outfit that I wore for the Henna/Mehndi function was a “Gharara”-all hand embroidered and tailor made. What I love about Pakistan is the fact that we all rely heavily on our tailors. The concept of ready made/pret-a-porter range is now catching up but I still prefer to design my own outfit and get my tailor to stitch it. So it’s not only cheaper but you get to stand apart with your individual style.

The second one on the Wedding day (with the colourful jacket and underdress) was by this amazing designer called Ali Xeeshan. The moment I lay my eyes on this outfit, I was sold! And then began a hunt to find this designer who I last saw at the Pakistan Sunsilk Fashion Week in March 2011. My friend, Maddy (love you!) finally tracked him down and with her help I was able to order the outfit. Although truth be told, I did come along some hick ups, the original dress was not to my liking so I had to refine it- but the end result was worth it and everyone was talking about my outfit and so I’ve forgiven the guy for messing it up a bit!! 😉

The third one (a black gown) on the “Walima” or the function after the wedding day was an emergency outfit that I wore because my original outfit- a sari, was not delivered on time. So relying on house bound aunty “darzis” (or tailors) has its downsides as well!! My advice: ALWAYS keep a back up outfit!! ALWAYS!!

This post is just a sneak preview of what I wore on the three days. I will post more detailed ones once I am back in London town. Till then enjoy these and you can always enquire more about the outfits! 😀 xxx


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