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Hello my fashionable followers/readers/fellow bloggers!!

I know I have not been as regular as I usually am but you cannot expect me to work while I am away. Writing full on posts feels a bit arduous! 😉 For that follow me on Twitter (@NidaJehan) and get all the latest (read: regular) posts and pictures. BUT! I have been piling up work for myself and I will be updating you all on what I bought/wore/styled/wanted-to-die-wearing!!

So I bought this top from this local boutique called Chinyere’. It’s a subsidiary of this clothing conglomerate called Bareeze’ whose unstitched cloth of the finest cotton, silk and chiffon Pakistani women swear by! It was on SALE!! Yes!! So not only was it a bargain but it was really stylish as well. Value for money I would say! The colour is very Spring/Summer and around the neck is a hand embroidered design that looks like I’m wearing a necklace so you don’t need to wear any jewellery. Very smart! It’s shaped like a paper bag upside down and is tight around the legs. It is very flattering to the figure. And if this top isn’t impressive enough from the front, check out the back! Keeps the onlooker entertained from front and back! hah! I got it for a cool Rs.3000 which is a cool £20! Not bad at all.


Till the next one!! Enjoy xxx


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