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I am not a massive fan of Longchamp, not because I don’t like the designs or anything else but only for the fact they’re just too common!! Every other person has a Longchamp bag and I for one like to own things that not everyone would have. Now, Mary Katrantzou; many of you, including myself, who don’t know much about her would be intrigued to know, won the Emerging Talent Ready-to-Wear award at British Fashion Awards in 2011. A Central Saint Martins graduate, she has already collaborated with TopShop and Longchamp. There were talks about the Longchamp collaboration a couple of months ago and they have finally arrived in Selfridges.

This talented lady has some excited stuff happening for her at the moment so here’s to wishing her all the best. Click here to view her profile on London Fashion Week’s website.

The range of Longchamp bags that Mary has designed are fun, vibrant and a great accessory for any outing! As I’ve mentioned in my previous post I shall be embarking on my holiday soon and this LONGCHAMP Mary Katrantzou digital travel bag is enticing me by the minute! I like the fact not everyone would have it and I would be able to spot my bag a mile away. I love the Chinese inspired lantern design and the flowers- reminds me of the Chinese printed cloth from which they used to make their traditional clothes. Chances are I may have clicked on the buy button by the end of this post.

Longchamp by Mary Katrantzou

Selfridges is selling these bags at the moment. Pricing starts from £94 so they don’t exactly come cheap. She has done four designs for Longchamp from what I can see on Selfridge’s website- small, medium, digital tote and digital travel bag. To buy or view these bags in detail, please click here.

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  1. adpraisal #
    February 16, 2012

    I love Mary Katrantzou’s designs and vibrant use of colour. I was gutted to miss out on her topshop collaboration.. Might have a peek ebay!

    • February 16, 2012

      yea I love the fact big names like Longchamp are giving these up and coming designers a chance. And Mary Katrantzou has done a really good job!

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