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Little did we know, in a couple of years studs and spikes will be the rage. Well, thanks to Lady Gaga you can wear these impalers in the name of fashion and no one can question you! Wear it with leather and some people may even question if you’re into S&M? You know what?! Tell them to look at your shoes and think again. I am not suggesting anything here! I thank my lucky stars I can walk home at night thinking, should anyone attack me, I’ve got my secret weapon walking with me.

But to be honest, I have developed a liking to this trend and I am in complete love with these shoes. They give your whole attire an edgy look- a bit of rock and roll! You don’t want to look princess pretty all the time! So here’s a pick of my favourite studded loves out there:


Although sold out on Net-A-Porter’s website, you can buy these shoes in two colours- black and navy blue. You can still buy these shoes in Selfridges or Church’s stand alone stores. These are my favourite and on my wish-list!! Anyone who loves me out there, you know what to buy me! 😛

CHURCH'S Ketsby stud-embellished leather ankle boots £350

Sam Edelman:

These suede leather studded ankle boots (that was a mouth full, let’s try that again!) by Sam Edelman are great for dressing up a casual outfit or even dressing down an outfit. Wear it with leather tights or a pretty dress- these shoes are versatile and can easily be carried off with each look. Click here to buy them.

Sam Edelman Pax Leather Studded Ankle Boot £145

The second pair by Sam Edelman is similar to the Pax Leather boots but in a shoe boot heeled version. If you love heels and studs, then this is the perfect accessory to go with your outfit. The heels give these boots an oomph and they’re the best of both worlds. Totally unique and a great addition to any wardrobe. I love them! But at £217, I’m contemplating whether I’ll wear them enough to justify the price! Have a look for them here.

Sam Edelman Renzo Leather Studded Shoe Boot £217


You know that S&M comment I made earlier? Well these shoes so fit the bill. Looking at such shoes, I just wonder what if I trip and some how manage to injure myself with my own shoes or rip my dress?! How stupid would that be?! But anyway, that’s just me being random. These shoes are by this brand called Zigi. They’re a good twist to the regular black high heels but save these for a night out! To buy them, click here.

Zigi Soho Stud Back Heeled Shoes £58

Ted Baker:

Ted Baker is one of my favourite high street designers and even he could not resist delving into the “stud” trend. These shoe boots have a classier version of the studs around the ankle and the black colour means you can wear them with jeans, dresses, tights or just the shoes on their own. Your choice! To buy them, click here.

Ted Baker Leather Shoe Boot With Stud Detail £97

And then my very own favourite FAVOURITE pair that I bought from TOPSHOP for a cool £28! I have featured these shoes in a number of my looks if you browse through the  “What Am I Wearing?” category on the top left hand side. Or if you’re lazy like me and can’t be bothered, then click on the following links:

Flower Power

Zara Does Chanel

Studded Loafers by TOPSHOP £28

This concludes my round-up of all the studded goodies I have found this week. Love xx


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