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There’s nothing like well designed work out clothes to motivate you to go for a run or hit the gym. At least that’s what motivates me. The thought of running in those well co-ordinated shoes and jogging bottoms, with my headphones grooving to the latest beats, wind blowing through my hair and making me look even more glamorous, my awesome abs and taut stomach-sigh! Yep! That’s what dreams are made of! HAH! I wish! I stopped working out 2 months ago and I feel like death!

Anyway!  Now is not the time to moan because in a couple of months London will be hosting the Olympics 2012!!! And with that in mind, Westfield Stratford is gearing up with the Olympics fever. Westfield Stratford and Adidas, being the official sportswear partner, have organised a weekend event, MY2012, with pampering sessions from Lush and Ginger Group, an opportunity to try out Stella McCartney’s range for Adidas and go crazy on their Photo Booth.

Ladies if you’re not doing anything on Sunday, the 21st, then please make your way to Westfield Stratford. You also have food sampling scattered throughout the day and some Zumba classes to get you working those muscles. There’s also a talk by a top nutritionist happening tomorrow. Have I enticed you enough? Heck! they’re not even paying me for it! 😛 But you know what, it’s all about health and fitness so why not?!

It’s good fun if you’re not planning on doing anything tomorrow. For more information on the event and the schedule, please click here.

To shop for Adidas by Stella McCartney, please click here.

Have a browse through the photos below:

© Miss TikTik

© Miss TIkTik

© Miss TikTIk

© Miss TIkTik

© Miss TikTik

© Miss TikTik

© Miss TikTik

The Photo Booth- © Miss TikTik

© Miss TikTik



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