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Today I’m feeling humorous so let me make you laugh…or cry, whichever you prefer.

Celebrated “Who’s the massive loser AKA Funky Socks Day” today at work. As you can see the far left pair of socks is very on trend with the SS 2012 colours going on. And the grey plaid baggy trousers complete the look of someone who is just going for a run but still wants to be fashionable.

The middle metallic trainers are very trendy keeping with the metallic trend and the neon lining is just spot on! O MY GOD!!

Check those shoes out at the far right!  Don’t you just want to play chess on them!? SO COOL! Like O MY GOd!

In the picture on the right, we have corduroy trousers by Uni Qlo, perfect for winters, and polka dot socks completing the look with a pair of Massimo Dutti boots. What a fashionable bunch! I think everyone should walk with their trousers up! Let’s talk for the socks for once. They’re always the neglected accessory. Let’s all stand up and speak for the funky socks.


Disclaimer: Any resemblance or association  with Miss TikTik is purely fictitious. In fact, she does not even know how this picture made it to her fashionable blog! It is PREPOSTEROUS!!


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