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I love my “sunflower” coat my sister got me from Miss Selfridge years ago yet it is still so current and fashionable! Sunflower coat is a name I’ve given to my coat as it’s a mix of tangerine and canary yellow. I love wearing it in gloomy winters when the weather is miserable. It’s a perfect pick me up coat that brightens up my day, puts a skip in my step, makes me want to sing and jump with joy. No, it doesn’t. And you wouldn’t want to hear me singing. 😛 But it looks really cool and makes me stand out among the blacks, the browns and the greys people tend to wear. Seriously, people need to wear more colours during winters!!

I know your clothes are meant to reflect your mood but not when winters are already so gloomy and miserable. We need some colour people! And this coat is so SS 2012!  I love it’s kimono style sleeves and the way it has a slight A-shape that makes it fall really well. Wear some colour. It will brighten up your mood and hopefully someone else’s too! 😀 xx

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