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Some brands achieve such a level of recognition that their bags can be spotted from a distance. For example, you will be able to tell apart a Prada from a Miu Miu bag or a Gucci from LV. But for designers like Stella McCartney, who have only hit the mainstream around 2000-2001, it is hard to develop that sort of recognition. But I feel with her collection of Falabella bags, she has achieved it. Her bags are distinct and even though they’re not splattered all over with her name or logo, you can tell it’s a Stella bag!

I love the name Falabella. The current collection is fun, colourful and ticks the right boxes. There is an attention in detail and my personal favourite is the Chalk Falabella Faux Python Big Tote. I love the pink fluro contrast that runs along the edges- very SS 2012. I am personally sick of every other person carrying the same old LV bag with its logo splattered all over! Or the same old Gucci. There are so many other designers like Stella McCartney who design some amazing bags- Givenchy being another favourite of mine. You’d rather stand out than blend in right? Well here’s your chance!

To shop the collection, click here.


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