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You know the kind of affinity you have with a place even though you’ve never been there? The fact that you look at the pictures and you feel close to it? That’s what I feel when I think about Paris. This outfit is a homage to my love for everything French. French people know how to dress. You look at them and you just want to say “Très chic”, Oo La La! (Apologies to any French person reading my blog and thinking I’m completely destroying your language :P)

This All Saints Monument coat has a story. I saw it the first time All Saints came out with their Winter 2011 Collection and I fell in love with it instantly while going through their racks in Selfridges. The cut, the fall of the coat and the buckle detail- that just did it for me. I knew I would have it in my wardrobe soon enough. A month or so later, I went to their Covent Garden Store and found out they had sold out of it. I was gutted. I wanted the black coat. I enquired about it and the sales assistant very kindly printed out a list of ALL the stores that were stocking the last or the last TWO coats in my size. From then started a race to bag the prize. I called all the nearest stores and checked online. I would not settle until I had it in my wardrobe.

I guess it was meant to be and I found the LAST coat in the @AllSaints store near my workplace. It was “kismet”. I reserved it, went and bought it! AAAH! The satisfaction! That feeling is something else. The adrenaline rush is just amazing. For some odd reason I love this chase and I treasure this coat immensely. If you thought of a perfect coat, to me this is it. Trust me, I have A LOT of coats and jackets but the way this falls over the body and drapes it is just so elegant and stylish. I will feature a post on the whole collection of my coats and jackets one of these days!

Lesson: If you see something and cannot stop thinking about it? BUY IT!! If you leave it, you will always regret it. Trust me. I’ve had a lot of these moments.

For this look, I paired it with my Zara woolen tights and studded TOPSHOP loafers, which I love as well!

And finished off the whole look with my red Accessorize beret and Burberry print scarf to give a nice hint of red and beige check design around the neck (got as a gift from Scotland). You can get similar hats from @ASOS and @Topshop.

Hope you enjoyed this look.

Photography is courtesy of my friend Craig West.

Ciao xx



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