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When I was about to get my iPhone 4S, it was a big deal for me. I wanted to have a nice robust case not only covering the iPhone but have another case that I could slip the iPhone into; like a pouch. I was paranoid about dropping it and damaging it and I needed the right accessories that looked good too. I searched around for the perfect case and finally found it on Net-A-Porter’s website. It was See by Chloe’-Linia Leather iPhone Case for around £60-£70.

It is worth the price because it has another pocket under the flap where you can put your bank cards, travel card or even cash. If I’m going out and don’t need my whole bag with me, I just put the necessary stuff in there. It is not only of good quality but is really fashion savvy. So if you’re fashion conscious and want an overall protective and versatile cover for your phone, then this is it. If you want to browse more selection, have a look at Net-A-Porter’s website under accessories -> technology. They have a good selection of designer accessories for your gadgets.

Happy browsing. xx


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