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Shoe shopping @ Kurt Geiger


So I went shoe shopping at Kurt Geiger recently and could not decide which pair to buy. The peach one was sparkly with a silk bow on top where as the black one was to-die-for in its own right with shiny diamantes and the same bow design.

I was so tempted to shut out the sensible voice in my head, distract myself with a rendition of la-la-la-la-la and use my credit card till I ran out of the store with the gorgeous pair of shoes. BUT!! Yes, there is a but. KG has a no refund policy on sale items which meant when better sense prevailed, I could not come back for a refund. And I could not justify buying two pairs of the same design. You can if you’re buying Louboutins!

And so my head intervened and told me to buy the pair I needed the most. I ended up buying the peach one and it is sitting nicely in my closet as I type.

Farewell my black beauty.



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