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Diet Coke © Miss TikTik

I always love people who can pull off the geeky yet effortless look. As if they did not put much thought into what they put together but some how it just fell into place for a bangin’ look. (Really wanted to use the word bangin’ haha)

This look is inspired from all those people. The arty, geeky and the cool crowd. The artists, the creatives and the models. I went for brown suede boots instead as wearing black boots would be too “matchy” and perfect. I like an element of imperfection in my outfits unless you’re dressing to perfection for an event like a wedding! If not, just be cool…please.

For information on where to get these particular clothing items, go to:

Another cool place to find similar stuff and on a SALE is ASOS. They have a really good and quirky selection of jumpers.

Here are few of my favourites:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To pair them off, every high street or designer store from Reiss to Chloe’ has a huge selection of jeans or trousers in vibrant colours. Zara has a wide range of different colour wax effect jeans as well as different colour trousers.


They have a better selection in stores so if you’re lucky you’ll probably grab yourself one! Happy shopping! 😀




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  1. t33ndr3am #
    January 6, 2012

    I love the ASOS jumper with the swallow print! Very Miu Miu SS10.

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