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Centrepiece: Faux Fur Gillet © Miss TikTik


An item of clothing that is doing the rounds in all the clothing retailers is a Faux Fur Gillet. In shades of browns, black and grey- this piece of clothing gives an extra dose of glamour to your whole look. To be honest I am biased towards anything faux fur so this is definitely my favourite piece of clothing this winter season.

As it is still going to be quite chilly for the next 3-4 months, you can invest in this piece from retailers like TopShop, Zara, Reiss, H&M, Forever21 and even find them at big department stores like Debenhams.



You can find the above on the following link:



Waistcoat £14.99 @H&M


This H&M “waistcoat” as it is called on their website, can be found on the following link:

And it is quite a bargain for £15!

But if you don’t mind spending a bit extra and by “bit” I mean £155 to be exact, then you can buy this gorgeous “Fluffy” Feather Gilet from REISS online. It comes in two colours: Deer and Oil Blue. They’re both equally beautiful and will definitely enhance your wardrobe. The added glory is the silk sash that goes around your waist. LOVE IT!!


REISS Womens Fluffy Deer Feather Gillet £155


You can buy this gorgeous piece from the following link, or go in store:




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